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Tech, Games, Blogging and Other Random Thoughts

Tech, Games, Blogging and Other Random Thoughts

Tech, Games, Blogging and Other Random Thoughts

Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware: 2018’s Fresh Menace?

Will cryptocurrency-mining malware be the fresh ransomware? The popularity and enlargening real-world significance of cryptocurrencies are also drawing cybercriminal attention — so much so that it shows up to keep tempo with ransomware’s infamy ter the threat landscape. Ter fact, cryptocurrency mining wasgoed the most detected network event ter devices connected to huis routers te 2018.

It’s bot Four years na pala since my last blog postbode at TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog, and I indeed feel fine that I’m writing again there. I am still not determined if my other go after up insights will be for menardconnect.com or for AVSecurityProductManager.com but undoubtedly there will be some go after up posts at #TrendLabs #Security Intel Blog and my blogs… Soon!

But for now just let mij do a repost and some shoutouts and mentions

And some flaps and hugs to my TrendLabs CoreTech XRS Ops Team I love you all!

Witness out for the go after up posts soon

Ter my last postbode I mentioned that I will write more about bitcoin and cryptocurrency here at menardconnect.com.

But I also want to write on my Tech and infosec focused blog more often so I placed all my thoughts on the project of Salon.com to suggest cryptomining instead of the usual subscription specimen and freemium/Google AdSense specimen.

If there will be PH focused insights related to that postbode, I will add it here ter Menardconnect.com. But for now just a verbinding/connected postbode.

I am observing lots of social media activity from my online Pinoy friends about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and hacking and oh boy I’m indeed amazed that wij’ve got lots of pinoy experts on BTC and crypto and hacking now na hectare! Hehehe!

Honestly I think this is good and bad! Good, that there is an enhancing rente ter this topic and therefore more meaningful conversations can go after. Bad, because I see a loterijlot of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) out there about bitcoin and crypto (re: Bitcoin is EVIL), and I believe that FUD = misinformation and will not be helpful for all if it is not decently waterput into its place.

Disclaimer: I do not rechtsvordering to be an experienced on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I am just fortunate that ter my line of work I am exposed to the good and bad of Bitcoin and cryptos. And spil GI Joe series trained mij “…Now you know… and knowing is half the battle” so I’m posting my thoughts here at menardconnect.com.

So very first, before wij spread FUD about bitcoin,cryptocurrencies and hacking, please do read about Mt. Gox and Bitfinex. I wasgoed looking for related materials on this topic and found the following linksom below can give a pretty good start…

If you want to read a more latest hax then read about bitthumb

Then compute the fiat values, know the risks, research more, learn and determine. And please don’t be GOXED!

Goxed! #Bitcoin #mtgox RT @Bitcoin: Hackers voorkeur bankrupt Mt. Gox still has customers’ bitcoins http://t.co/88a1NLs2Ra #BTC

To end this postbode, reminisce GI Joe “Now you know… And knowing is half the battle…”

Will attempt to postbode more about bitcoin and cryptocurrency (maybe my thoughts on ETH, XMR, Calata, ICOs, and the worx) here at menardconnect soon (maybe this can be a multi-part postbode).

I just signed the Bloggers for Freedom statement.

Statement: Bloggers for Freedom

Wij worried Filipino bloggers stand for the rights to free expression and to free speech. And our very first responsibility is to protect thesis rights.

Wij thus stand with Rappler, its right to exist, the rights of its working journalists and contributors, and the rights of its community of readers.

Wij stand against moves to muffle and scare journalists, bloggers and media practitioners just because the Voorzitter and his ardent volgers dislike their news and views.

Now is a time for making choices amid battles inbetween truth and lies, debate and dissonance, democracy and dictatorship.

Wij sign our names here to tell everyone wij have made a choice. Wij are bloggers for freedom.

Spil a blogger I stand for the rights to free expression and to free speech.

Spil I mentioned ter my postbode last year, I truly missed the good ol’ days when blogging wasgoed so elementary but spil they say past is past na talaga and wij need to live te this switching and challenging times, so laban lang!

Will postbode more thoughts on this topic and other bloggers verbinding here soon.

Glad 9th to menardconnect.com

My blog turned 9 several weeks ago! Wasgoed too busy with lotso stuff so its just now I’m posting the traditional blog glad anniversary postbode. Wow time flies so prompt, here the linksom to the 1st postbode and the very first utter postbode. Love


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