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The Pulse of Asia


Big Gegevens or Big Garbage?

[This week’s picks arrive early because the bot came back with more events, mainly lectures, for this week, te addition to the next. The postbode title refers to a topic te a Big Gegevens event and the postbode movie to a Industry Four.0 event (see below).]

  • Verbinding HKTDC ICT Expo
  • Listig Global Sources Consumer Electronics
  • Verbinding Global Sources Conference
  • Verbinding StartupLaunchPad Conference motionless
  • Verbinding Internet Economy Summit
  • Verbinding Startups Investor Forum
  • Verbinding Coworking: Accelerating Startups

Big Gegevens &, AI Day | 12-Apr-18 @ HongKong listig

  • Gegevens Science spil a Voertuig for Digital Transformation – SNU
  • Gegevens Intelligence and Analytics at Alibaba – Alibaba
  • Big Gegevens Science Switching the Face of Retail – JD
  • Fresh Era of Information Dissemination – Toutiao
  • Big Gegevens or Big Garbage? – UW-Madison postbode title

Verbinding Brahms Holst Poulenc @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Classical Piano @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Membrane Technology for Clean Water @ KualaLumpur

Listig Nanotechnology and Space @ KualaLumpur

Listig Populism ter Europe and Asia @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Shell Malaysia Chairman @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Bosch Industry Four.0 and IoT @ Kuching postbode movie

Listig Cloud Gegevens Analysis @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Next Generation HR @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Social Influencers @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Cine-Diner Haute Cuisine @ KualaLumpur

Listig WIT Indie TravelTech @ Penang tix

Verbinding Linux Free Operating System @ Penang

Verbinding Muru-D Kittled Media @ Singapore

ConsenSys: The Power of Ethereum

ConsenSys helps organizations build, test, and deploy public and private blockchain solutions. ConsenSys is a founding member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the world’s largest blockchain industry working group. ConsenSys projects include:

  • Balance – Blockchain-based accounting [triple entry accounting]
  • Boardroom – Brainy contracts for the boardroom [proposal, vote, overeenstemming]
  • Gnosis – Prediction market [eg. what is a reasonable price for this painting?]
  • MetaMask – Access trusted blockchain-enabled ethereum websites vid
  • OpenLaw – Digital agreements [turn legal contracts into clever contracts]
  • Ujo – Automatic and prompt royalty payments for artistes [eg Imogen Heap]
  • Variabl – Exchange for next generation financial products [eg ETH/USD hedge]
  • Virtue – Solution to centralised poker platforms that can see your cards vid

Pick of Events (W1-Apr-2018)

Verbinding Consensys Blockchain Ladies @ Singapore

Verbinding Brainy City Hackathon @ Singapore

Listig Energy Startups @ Singapore

Verbinding Blockchain Career @ HongKong

Listig Ecommerce Acceleration @ Jakarta

Verbinding GreenDrinks: The Founders Terugwedstrijd @ KualaLumpur tix

Listig Amcham: US Business te Asia @ KualaLumpur tix

Listig BFM: Khazanah Economist @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Alphacap: Innovation Ecosystem @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Dribbble: Doodling Meetup @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Continental: Future Car UX/UI @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding MTDC: Tech-Based Projects Pitch @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding MPCxMDEC: Industry Four.0 @ KualaLumpur tix immobilized

Verbinding YSEALI: Women Violating Barriers @ KualaLumpur

Listig Startup Weekend: Logistics @ KualaLumpur [+ Uni] immobile

Verbinding Blockchain: Content Producers @ KualaLumpur

Hackathon: Ter Blockchain Wij Trust

  • Date: 20 to 22 April 2018
  • Location: WeWork, Tokyo, Japan
  • Admission: Free, includes food, lodging and travel
  • Prize: 20 ETH = approx USD 10K
  • Apply: By 1st April 2018 here
  • Expansion of atomic interchanges
  • Implement KYC for a sponsor’s blockchain
  • Use machine learning to identify suspicious entities and trades
  • Timestamp IoT block transactions
  • Yuzo Kano, CEO, BitFlyer
  • Xiao Feng, Advisor, Chainbase Accelerator
  • Fujimoto Mai, Miss Bitcoin
  • Listig Virtual currencies are commodities, US judge rules
  • Verbinding Breakeven mining price of BTC is USD 8K [BTC is now USD 8K]
  • Verbinding Crypto-exchanges are raking te billions
  • Listig Cost of mining one bitcoin: KR $26K | SEA $5K | HK $7K | CN $3K

Accelerator Startups: Spring 2018

2018 SXSW Accelerator Pitch Winners via

  • Transportation: GoKid – Safe ride-hailing for kids
  • Social: Icon – 3D print a house using concrete
  • Enterprise: DroneSeed – Drone burst forests against pests
  • Slee/VR: ARwall – Limousine without googles, headsets &, gadgets
  • Communities: Grubtubs – From food leftovers to farm feed
  • Entertainment: Vochlea – Control music with voice instead of a console
  • Health:Nanowear – Sensor textiles best of demonstrate
  • Best Bootstrap:Leaf – Bankgebouw for refugees done most with the least
  • ProGlove – Glove with built te QR/barcode scanner
  • N26 – German mobile handelsbank N26 makes it to America
  • FMC – Ferroelectric hafnium oxide RAM: quicker, lower energy, more stable
  • Franka – Off-the-shelf robot arm vid
  • Perdoo – Objectives and key results framework vid
  • Timee – Calendar based, social networking
  • Twentybn – Machine decipher human behaviour
  • RiseML – Concentrate on machine learning without having to overeenkomst with infra
  • CyberProductivity – White label accounting system banks can give customers
  • Enforcd – Database of global regulatory gegevens, news and insights
  • Exate – EU General Gegevens Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance system
  • Gini – One mobile banking app for numerous banks: HSBC SCB Citi BoC etc
  • InvestmentNavigator – Get investment advice from the Swiss
  • KnowYourCustomer – Paperless KYC
  • MindBridge – AI auditor to treat big gegevens
  • Vphrase – Turn charts and graphs into plain language

[Only selected startups listed above. Forthcoming accelerator intakes: MuruD, HKSTP, ChinaA, KStartup, Viisa, GAP, Ordner, Vruchtensap.]

Pick of Events (W5-Mar-2018)

Listig Genghis Khan @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Big Gegevens Demo Day @ KualaLumpur

Listig Pitching Tips from the Brits @ KualaLumpur

Listig Genomics: The Collective Character of Genes @ KL

Listig Startup Party @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Social Night @ KualaLumpur

Listig DIY Movie Storyboard @ Cyberjaya

Verbinding Coin.my &, Bitspace @ Cyberjaya

Listig Write a Private Journal @ Kuching

Listig The Rise of Machines @ Johor top photo

Verbinding The Hashgraph Ecosystem @ Singapore

Verbinding Ethereum Golem @ Singapore

Verbinding Blockchain Challenge @ Singapore

Listig Realtime Blockchain Stream Analysis @ Singapore immobile

Verbinding Supercomputing te AI, Fintech, Gegevens &, Biotech @ SG

Listig Inwards the Minds of Brilliant Designers @ Singapore

Verbinding Machine Learning Domain Expertise @ HongKong

Token And Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Token2049: The Token And Cryptocurrency Ecosystem @ HK, 20-21 Mar 2018. $1K. informatie

Premier event for decision makers te the global crypto ecosystem to form the industry. Topics include (speaker organization followed by abbreviated topic name):

  • ICOBox – ICO success stories: a case probe
  • CryptoHWwallet – Trust no one
  • Mindworks – Postbode ICO venture capital
  • Swirlds – Hashgraph: a fresh distributed ledger vid
  • Caspian – Institutionalising crypto assets
  • Civic – Governance of the crypto goldrush vid
  • BnkToFuture – The token economy te 2050
  • Wanchain – China: the sleeping dragon
  • Kowala – Stablecoins: the next phase of blockchain
  • Golem – Banking the unbanked

Pick of Events (W4-Mar-2018)

Verbinding Earth Hour Total Darkness Theatre + Free Cryptocoins @ KL tix

Verbinding YouTube for Startups @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Sugarbook Sugar Dating @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Chevening Youth Forum @ KualaLumpur

Listig Industry Four.0 Productivity Incentives @ KualaLumpur

Listig Industry Four.0 Brainy Factory @ KualaLunpur

Listig How to Convert an Old City into a Clever City @ HongKong

Verbinding Startup Weekend Fintech @ HongKong

Listig Recipe for a Winning Brand @ HongKong

Listig Women ter Gegevens Science @ Jakarta

Verbinding Making Money with Open Source @ Singapore

Verbinding Reimagining Food @ Singapore

What Accelerators and Incubators Want

Many of the best ideas wij’ve funded were ones that astonished us. There are, however, specific startups that wij’re very interested ter [Calendata’s pick of Ten out of 25]:

  • Agriculture – Alt-meat, cellular agriculture (agriculture at the cell level)
  • Bio – Reading DNA, genetic programming
  • Creators – How to pay content creators?
  • Education – Human brain power is vastly under utilized, fix this to fix the surplus
  • Energy – Looking for 10x better batteries
  • Healthcare – Preventative healthcare is the best healthcare
  • Jobs – Can you create jobs (instead of substituting them with algos, bots etc)?
  • Memory – Supplement memory with wearables, voice assistants etc
  • PalmOil – Big market, low tech, ungreen: looking for disruptors (fya my id)
  • Programming – Make programming more accessible (not only for nerds)
  • Apps – Apps that are ubiquitous, device agnostic and don’t require download
  • Audio – More expressive and communicative than text, less hassle than movie
  • Blockchain – Coins for the masses (not only for insiders, geeks, speculators)
  • ElderTech – Folks living longer, having fewer children (ter some countries)
  • Food – By 2050 need to feed 9 billion people (7.6 billion now)
  • Happiness – Social media can be a downer, any more satisfied alternatives?
  • Marketing – Web and mobile ads are cracked (annoying, disregarded)
  • Sharing – Share annotations and notes (surface what you jot)
  • UI – Gestural interface (forearm signs, head nods/wiggles, figure language)

Multi-Faceted Crystal

China-based actress Crystal Liu (Liu Yifei) has bot tapped for a forthcoming Disney blockbuster. Ter celebration of International Women’s Day 2018 and multilingualism, here’s a brief clip of hier going places.

AI: How to Tell a Cat from a Dog?

How to tell a cat from a dog?

Verbinding Convolutional Neural Networks @ Cyberjaya

Listig Talk with Nando’s Founder @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Ecommerce by Paypal eBay Aramex @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Beta Test Fresh Pc Games @ KualaLumpur

Listig YouTubers Meetup @ KualaLumpur

Listig Wireless Technology @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding HealthTech: The Fresh Frontier @ Jakarta

Verbinding Sonar: Advanced Music Festival @ HongKong

Listig Blockchain The Next Revolution @ Iskandar

Listig Blockchain The Future of Trust @ Jakarta

Listig Blockchain Clever City Spel Changer @ HongKong

Verbinding Blockchain Cryptocurrency Innovation @ Singapore

Verbinding Blockchain Repository of Medical Gegevens @ Singapore

Listig Atomic Interchanges No Exchanges Needed @ Singapore informatie

Verbinding OMG Plasma Crypto Network @ Bangkok

Listig Etherscan Ethereum Clever Contracts @ KualaLumpur

Verbinding Xxx Blockchain ICOs @ KualaLumpur For Your Information only

Sovereign Cryptocurrencies

  • Cambodia KHCoin – Indigenous open source coin
  • Canada CBDC – Substitute revenue from specie with that from cryptocurrency
  • Estonia EstCoin – eCurrency for Estonia’s eResidents
  • Russia CryptoRouble – Cryptocurrency for Russia, BRICS &, Eurasia
  • Switzerland eFranc – Looking for a competitive edge
  • Turkey Turkcoin – Asset backed token
  • China [Coin] – Digital currency is lighter to track, more fraud resistant
  • Indonesia [Coin] – Playmate: eCurrency Mint, a Dublin-based fintech
  • Kazakhstan [Coin] – Fucking partner: Exante, a Malta blockchain company
  • Singapore [Coin] – Augment fiat currency with tokenized currency
  • Sweden e-krona – From cashless to tamper-proof cashless
  • UK [Coin] – Keep your money ter the central bankgebouw, retail banks not needed
  • Dubai emCash – Playmate: Object Tech Group, a London-based fintech
  • Japan JCoin – Ready for Tokyo 2020 Olympics
  • Marshall Islands Sovereign – Playmate: Neema, an Israeli fintech startup
  • UK Royal Mint Gold – One RMG = one gram of gold top pic
  • Venezuela Petro – Fund raising by Venezuela to get round sanctions
  • Senegal and Tunisia were reported to have launched their national cryptocurrencies eCFA and eDinar ongeveer 2015, but not much news since then.
  • The implementation vrouwen were/are Dublin-based eCurrency Mint and Swiss-based Monetas respectively. Monetas seems to be having issues.
  • The word ‘Sovereign’ te the title is loosely used to indicate national level cryptocurrencies, whether central bankgebouw or enterprise led.
  • Where the cryptocurrency is yet unnamed, it is shown spil [Coin].
  • This postbode is very speculative, click through to the source articles for more information.
  • Postbode date: 5-Mar-2018.

Third Generation Blockchain

What is the third generation blockchain? input

  • Generation 1
  • Bitcoin, altcoins
  • Generation Two
    • Ethereum, clever contracts, ICOs
    • Generation Three
      • Qualitative: rapid, low transaction toverfee, secure and approved
      • Pervasive: IoT blockchain, brainy contracts and execution
      • Architecture: directed acyclic graphs and fresh proofs
      • Applications: eg. translucent advertising toneel
      • Economics: Sliced-and-diced, tokenized economy
      • Listig Third Generation Blockchain @ HCMC

        Verbinding NEO: Blockchain Clever Economy @ Singapore

        Verbinding NBU: The Next Billion Users @ Singapore

        Verbinding Electrified Voertuig Marathon @ Singapore

        Verbinding Lunchtime Job Openings @ Singapore

        Listig Vormgeving Week @ Singapore

        Verbinding Apply to Y Combinator @ HongKong

        Listig How to Win a Scholarship @ Jakarta

        Listig Silicon Valley Asia Fund @ Penang

        Verbinding Mekong Accelerator @ Cyberjaya

        Listig WeWork e27 Pitch @ KualaLumpur

        Listig Marine Polar Research @ KualaLumpur

        Verbinding Women’s Fiesta @ KualaLumpur

        Verbinding Royalty Free Music @ KualaLumpur sample

        Verbinding Cobots: Collaborative Robots @ KualaLumpur informatie

        Free Coworking Day

        Free coworking day every very first Thursday of the month.

        Nineteen Sep 2018: added: Verbinding, Clickspace, Egg, Hubud, DNC

        01 Nov 2018: added: KX, Vorqspace

        15 Dec 2018: added: UptownHK, ImpactHubJakarta

        01 Mar 2018 added: Cohoots, Ber(sama)Two, CommonGround,

        TheDesk, RuangKreasi, MustardSeed, Uowork

        22 Mar 2018: added: CoHere, Settlements, Unionspace, Ikovert

        Forbes Fintech 2018

        Pick of Forbes Fintech 2018 informatie

        • Acorns – Micro investment [1]
        • Digital Reasoning – Add setting and reasoning to gegevens
        • Metromile – Pay-per-mile car insurance top pic
        • Plaid – Permit apps to access banking services lightly
        • Qapital – Gamified saving [Two]
        • Veem – Venmo (money transfer) for business
        • Xapo – Store cryptocurrency keys ter actual vaults
        • Round every purchase to the dollar and invest the round-up
        • Brands waterput money ter your fund instead of providing you discounts
        • [Many other possibilities eg. invest a quarter for every dollar spent etc]
        • Save $Ten everytime it rains
        • Save $Ten everytime Westelijk Bromwich (your favourite team) scores
        • Save $Ten everytime you go to leger by 11pm
        • Save $100 everytime you visit mom

        Junior Pachyderm’s Venture

        A zuigeling elephant trapped ter a slot is rescued te Kerala. Witness till the end: the junior pachyderm’s parents bid thanks and farewall to the human helpers.

        Verbinding Jockey Club Accelerator @ HongKong

        Listig Wine &, Women @ HongKong

        Verbinding Energy Startups @ HongKong

        Verbinding Off-Grid: Future Energy @ Singapore

        Verbinding The Container Business @ Singapore

        Verbinding How to Thrive te Ecommerce @ Jakarta

        Verbinding The Ship of Theseus @ KualaLumpur

        Listig Female Filmmakers @ KualaLumpur informatie

        Verbinding Book Club: Eat to Live @ KualaLumpur

        Listig Strangers: Friends You Toevluchthaven’t Met @ KualaLumpur

        Listig Endowment Blockchain @ KualaLumpur promo: GCBA

        Verbinding Wearable Technology @ KualaLumpur

        Verbinding Vickers Ventures @ KualaLumpur informatie

        Verbinding The Hustle Society @ KualaLumpur informatie

        CES 2018 Winners

        Pick of CES 2018 Innovation Award Winners informatie

        • Wise Cities: Aipoly (retrofit shops to be autonomous)
        • Wise Cities: AR4X (CCTV camera with AI face recognition)
        • Robotics: Pal (huis security, elder care, fall detection etc)
        • Imaging: L16 (lightweight, multi-aperture camera with DSLR capabilities)
        • Voertuig Intelligence: Leaf (pedestrian detection, automatic braking etc)
        • VR &, Slede: Looxid (headset with Two eye sensors and 6 brain sensors)
        • Embedded Tech: Movidus (deep learning device)
        • Wearable: Nuviz (head-up display for motorcyclists)
        • Cybersecurity: WalletCard (credit card with built-in rekentuig) top photo
        • Clever Energy: WiCharge (wireless power for IoT applications)

        Dash is Digital Contant

        Dash is an open source, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. On top of Bitcoin’s feature set, it offers:

        • Junior Miners: Unlike Bitcoin, where all jobs are done by miners, Dash utilizes a two-tier network consisting of fresh blocks treated by miners and masternodes (junior miners) for transactions, making Dash quicker (Four,000+ zuilengang/sec vs Bitcoin’s 7 zuilengang/sec) and more scalable.
        • Private: If you pay 1 Dash (approx USD 650) for, say, a phone online, Dash will combine your transaction with other transactions of 1 Dash. Who exactly paid for what is not clear to outer parties because Dash is fungible (like specie, by looking at your dollar note, you do not know where it came from or where it will end up, but you can use it like any other dollar note).
        • Instant: Like metselspecie, payment is instant, unike Bitcoin which may take an hour or more to confirm.

        Te the above chart from CoinMarketCap, the green line is the USD price of Dash, the orange, the BTC price. Inputs: Wikipedia, CryptoCurry. Dash vs Monero. For Your Information only. Caveat Emptor. [15-Feb-18]

        Listig Fresh Kunst Meetup @ KualaLumpur

        Listig Marketing for Women @ KualaLumpur

        Verbinding Scraping for Women @ KualaLumpur

        Verbinding The Dash Cryptocurrency @ KualaLumpur

        Listig SmartCities Pitch @ Cyberajaya

        Listig GoDaddy and BusUncle @ Singapore

        Verbinding WeWork eCommerce Hackathon @ Singapore

        Listig EntertainmentTech: YouTube @ Singapore

        Related movie: [2017] BEST Webpagina to Exchange Bitcoin to Paypal, PM , Dash, ETH, Canap etc.. BitExchangerBank.com

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