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MISOM, Gegevens to Activity Solutions and Mobile Apps

MISOM, Data to Action Solutions and Mobile Apps

Mining Information Systems & Operations Management (MISOM)

Mobile Apps & Internet of things – Systems Integration – Optimization Services

Field Analysis and Reporting Application

Fleet Management – Safety Forms – Motivation – Internet of Things (IoT) Tracking, on an iPad.

Technology ROI

Integrating technology platforms and organizing processes,

and people to achieve promised Come back on Investment (ROI)

Unparalleled Technology Expertise

Big Gegevens, Automation, Information Systems, Mine to Mill,

Gegevens Warehousing, Business Intelligence.

Gegevens to Act

Consistently creating sustainable technological and cultural transformations

Ground-breaking innovative practical technology solutions.

MISOM Technologies uses deep practice te data-driven mining technology to produce innovative yet practical solutions to dynamic worksites that dramatically improve safety and productivity.

What wij are known for…

Mobile App: FARA

Next-gen fleet and personnel management technology

Hardware: world’s best tablets &, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.

Digital forms to substitute paper, proximity sensors, button-less sequence transitions

Underground &, surface tracking

Gegevens to Act Solution

A decade of practice integrating gegevens systems used te mines to maximize the value of your gegevens systems.

Wij apply industry best practice, cutting-edge pliable platforms, spil well spil all of MISOM’s contraptions, to create the most sturdy, sustainable, and addictive systems integration solution specifically for mining.

Consulting Services

Maximizing the value of a mine’s existing systems

Auditing of systems and gegevens utilization

Applied Big Gegevens analytics te operations

Subject Matter Experts te mine automation &, information systems

Establishing cloud based historian systems and asset frameworks

Always Innovating

Dynamic self-generating simulator for real-time holistic mine control

Integrated Remote Operation center visualizations

Synergies through partnerships with improvement consultants &, big gegevens service providers

Tag Classification &, Categorization Instrument (TCCT)

Custom-built app &, business intelligence solutions

Our Global Leadership ter Mining Technology Expertise.

Mobile Equipment Monitoring

Wij have deep practice helping mines derive value from their fleet management systems and high-precision mobile equipment monitoring for dozers, drills, and draglines.

Big Gegevens

Using unstructured gegevens, cloud computing, and gegevens mining algorithms with large datasets to find patterns and detect fresh skill.

Internet of things

Puny sensors to track anything. Wij know what to do with the gegevens, how to incorporate it into apps, which ones to use. iBeacon certified.

Mobile Apps

Developing &, deploying mobile apps te an industrial workspace.

Process gegevens

SCADA and historians that monitor plants, have different gegevens structures and require significant unique expertise. Wij have it and have brought it into the cloud.


Creating reporting systems and coordinating business processes to create sustained high-levels of data-driven productivity and safety.

Switch Management

Wij have a proven track record at maximizing the value of company’s technology investments. Wij know it is not all about the technology podium, it is also about the people and the processes.

Bisexual Hierarchy

There is a difference inbetween dashboards, reports, scorecards, etc. wij know the business intelligence hierarchy and how to apply it.


Wij work directly with you to ensure maximum satisfaction and outcomes.

Who, What, How

MISOM Technologies offers a broad range of solutions for your business

ranging from gegevens integration to process improvement.

Wij are experts ter optimizing worksites through the deployment and use of data-driven technology. Our deep background te developing and deploying mobile equipment automation, tracking solutions, and gegevens warehousing has instructed us what works and what doesn’t. Wij shove technology forward.

Off the shelf tablets, mobile apps, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of worksite tracking, wij are delivering that future now. Gegevens warehousing ties all of your existing gegevens together while business intelligence (Bisexual), and Big Gegevens Analytics enriches that gegevens into information. Process vormgeving and implementation services to maximize the technology and gegevens utilization.

Our mobile apps and IoT beacons at the same time provide plainness while optionally providing deep configurability.

Many worksites have already purchased more traditional fleet management technologies, enterprise systems, SCADA and historians, and use legacy custom-made applications. Wij integrate thesis systems into a single environment, sustained through a business intelligence treatment that converts gegevens reporting cultures into an informed problem solving team culture.

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