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Best Bitcoin Sites – Earn Free Bitcoins

Best Bitcoin Sites - Earn Free Bitcoins

The best long time paying legit reliable bitcoin sites and PTC sites, where you can earn free bitcoins.

Why bitcoin? It is the most popular cryptocurrency, the worth of bitcoin wasgoed already overheen unbelievable $5000!

If you did not commence with bitcoin yet you are making a big mistake – you should indeed begin now! The exchange rate is rapidly raising so even if you earn only several tenths, hundredths or thousandths of bitcoin, soon this can worth a lotsbestemming! And you earn only by letting your bitcoins sit te your wallet. Or you can waterput them somewhere to work for you and earn rente. Where can you earn free bitcoins and where can you multiply them? You will get to know all ter this article.

Te bitcoin PTC sites you earn bitcoins for viewing ads. It is very effortless – you view the ad, confirm the view and you get bitcoins instantly.


Already Four years paying legit bitcoin PTC webpagina. Many ads to click, rapid growing earnings, reliable payments.

Payment proofs (already overheen 12 payments):


Another long time paying bitcoin PTC webpagina (1 year). Also many ads to click and payments ter few days on your account.

Payment proofs (already overheen Three payments):


A year paying bitcoin PTC webpagina with ad surf and autosurf. Very plain, nice vormgeving.

You can earn overheen 1000 satoshi vanaf day which is truly a lotsbestemming. (satoshi to bitcoin is like cent to dollar, only with more decimals)

Payouts from 15000 satoshi.

Faucets are sites where you earn free bitcoins only by pressing a button or completing captcha. It is the easiest way how to get free bitcoins and you can do it every duo of minutes, every hour or every day. Payment minimums are usually very low. Many faucets send money to your bitcoin wallet automatically after reaching a certain ondergrens.

FreeBitcoin – free bitcoins + save bitcoins and earn rente

Overheen Three years paying legit faucet. Just press the Roll button under Free BTC ter menukaart to get free bitcoins. You can get free bitcoins like this every hour.

You can also play a spel for bitcoins and win up to 4750 times more.

You can also deposit bitcoins here and let them work for you by earning daily rente for you of Four.08% p.a. All you need to do to commence earning rente is to have more than 0.0003 BTC te your balance – you will find this option te spijskaart under the Earn BTC listig. Do not let your bitcoins just sit te your wallet, make them work for you and earn more!

You can set auto-withdrawing money and sending it to your wallet every week. But if you want to let bitcoins earn rente switch off this function (Disable Wagen Withdraw button).

You can deposit money by pressing the Deposit button.

Payment proofs (already overheen $220):


Popular webpagina mainly te Czech Republic and Slovakia but expanding now to the entire world. There is almost everyone I know ter this program. Slovak admin.

Registration toverfee is 0.01 BTC. Books, ad credits and office included te price.

The system wasgoed created for all who are attempting to be successful online – here even those who could not succeed on other sites will succeed.

Mainly if you can refer others you can earn indeed a lotsbestemming – up to several ems thousands of bitcoins.

If you cannot refer people it does not matter. The webpagina has a unique system where referrals spill overheen under you from all your sponsors above you and also from those under you. And that is not all – everyone is registered to Two catches sight of automatically so packing up the lines is Two times quicker.

For every person that you refer you get 0.004 BTC. For people directly under you you get 0.008 BTC.

If you will not refer people at all of course do not expect the maximum earnings – or you would have to get under some very active sponsor. Even then earnings can take some time – you have to take this program long-term. It does not matter at all because the price of bitcoin is raising so you earn also on the exchange rate of bitcoin.

If you can refer at least Trio people – it is an advantage for you. It is not required tho.

Peak: You can create Trio more accounts under you. You pay 0.01 BTC vanaf each account and you earn 0.008 BTC vanaf each account so you have almost everything back, and what more Four accounts mean Four times higher earnings.

Spil you progress, on higher levels hundreds of accounts are automatically created for you and that is how you earn hundreds times more.

At each level a product is available – ebooks about the best online strategies, how to succeed, the theory of law of attraction etc.


TOP COMPANY – Forex, Mining, Cryptotrading. 100% passive income, more than 30 000 members.

No need to click ads or refer people. Who would like to refer people – commissions are 10% te 1st level, 3% ter 2nd level (up to 12 levels).

Here you just buy an adpack, it will earn you a certain amount after a certain time.

Autobuying adpacks – can be turned on/off.

Earnings 140% te 140 days – 1% daily. Lowest adpack for $50. Ondergrens cashout $Ten.

You can metselspecie out every day to any payment processor (even different than you used to deposit money with). Payments are being received te few hours.

Supported payment processors: Bitcoin, Payza , 2Pay4You, credit/debit card payments.

Free registration = you can check the office very first.

– owners are from Germany

– trading practice for more than 20 years (Forex)

– you can have your own software at your PC that will be earning you money

For cashing money out of the sites and saving them and transfering them/paying te bitcoin you will need a bitcoin wallet. You can have a wallet installed on your PC or have one online on the Internet. The best online bitcoin wallet is Blockchain. You can set one up on this address Blockchain.informatie.

After registration and login click on the Request button and press the Copy button, that is how you copy your bitcoin address for receiving money to the clipboard. Then you can paste it into programs/sites for earning bitcoins. You will then withdraw money from programs/sites via this address to your wallet.

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