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8 Bitcoin News Sites Every Cryptocurrency Fan Should Read

8 Bitcoin News Sites Every Cryptocurrency Fan Should Read

&ldquo,Bitcoin&rdquo, wasgoed one of the most popular search terms on Google during 2018. According to the company&rsquo,s own gegevens, it wasgoed the 2nd most-searched-for news topic of the year.

Indeed, 2018 wasgoed undoubtedly year that the cryptocurrency came of age Why Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Will Become The Money Of The Future Why Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Will Become The Money Of The Future Will Bitcoin become the money of the future? Albeit it has had rough begin, and there are security and social obstacles to overcome, could Bitcoin actually make the world a better place? Read More . Back ter January, one Bitcoin wasgoed worth approximately $1,000 USD. By December, it had established a fresh all-time high of $20,000 USD.

Whether or not you believe Bitcoin to be ter a bubble, there&rsquo,s no denying that rente te the virtual currency is higher than everzwijn.

If you&rsquo,ve taken the plunge and invested some of your hard-earned metselspecie into Bitcoin, you very likely want to stay abreast of all the latest news concerning the cryptocurrency. The following eight sites will keep you up-to-date with Bitcoin news.

1. CoinDesk

CoinDesk is the news webpagina for staying abreast of everything te the Bitcoin world, spil well spil the broader cryptocurrency sector.

The extensive webpagina publishes several articles vanaf day and covers more than just news. You&rsquo,ll find thought-provoking feature-length lumps, market analysis, and opinion lumps.

The webpagina&rsquo,s also a fine place to commence for cryptocurrency beginners. Click on the Blockchain 101 tabulator at the top of the pagina and you&rsquo,ll detect answers to some of the most commonly-asked Bitcoin and cryptocurrency questions.

The surplus of the webpagina is divided into Technology, Markets, Business, and Gegevens and Research.

Two. Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph is an independent news webpagina that concentrates on cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and decentralized applications that deploy blockchain technology.

The wasgoed only launched ter 2013, but it&rsquo,s quickly grown to become the 2nd most widely-read Bitcoin news webpagina on the web.

The content Cointelegraph publishes is a mix of violating news, experienced opinion, market gegevens and analysis, and cryptocurrency commentary.

Cointelegraph also offers a handy ICO calendar so you never miss the launch of a high-potential fresh coin What Is a Cryptocurrency ICO and Can You Make Money? What Is a Cryptocurrency ICO and Can You Make Money? ICOs attract a lotsbestemming of attention, and can raise a gigantic amount of money. But how do you choose a “real” project? And will you just end up losing out? Read More .

Note: Some ICOs are scams Five Common Cryptocurrency Scams and How to Avoid Them Five Common Cryptocurrency Scams and How to Avoid Them If you’re interested te investing te the somewhat risky world of cryptocurrency, there are a few common scams you should be aware of. Here’s how to avoid being caught out. Read More . Make sure you do slew of due diligence before parting with your specie.

Three. Bitcoin Tijdschrift

Unlike CoinDesk and Cointelegraph, Bitcoin Tijdschrift takes a more Bitcoin-centric treatment to the news. Some other coins sometimes receive coverage, but the majority of the content the webpagina publishes is about Satoshi Nakamoto&rsquo,s creation.

The articles are split into five broad categories: News, Guides, Price and Gegevens, Opinion, and Technical. If you use the tabs at the top of the webpagina&rsquo,s homepage, each category is further subdivided into relevant topics of rente.

The webpagina went live ter 2012 and presently publishes four articles vanaf day.

Four. TheMerkle

TheMerkle is one of the youngest sites to make the list. It&rsquo,s only bot online since 2014. The entire crypto sector receives coverage, but the webpagina from time to time branches out and reports on the news ter associated markets.

Te addition to the usual categories of news, readers might find value te the webpagina&rsquo,s review section. It looks at the best cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets and often discusses comparisons inbetween the virtual currency and other more commonly-known financial instruments. For example, one latest chunk looks at the differences inbetween an ICO and a stock market IPO.

You can expect spil many spil 15 fresh articles vanaf day.

Five. CryptoCoinsNews

CryptoCoinsNews (or more commonly known spil CCN) is a sister webpagina of Hacked. However, while Hacked tends to concentrate on coin analysis and trading advice, CCN is purely news-based.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum receive the lion&rsquo,s share of the attention, but some smaller altcoins also get coverage when something noteworthy happens.

The webpagina takes a slight more business-orientated treatment than the other pages wij&rsquo,ve covered so far. If you want to learn about mergers, price switches, and fresh product offerings, this is the webpagina for you.

Lastly, like CoinDesk, CryptoCoinsNews also provides a learning portal. It&rsquo,s not spil in-depth spil its competitor, but it&rsquo,s still an excellent place to brush up on your skill.

6. Official Bitcoin Blog

Most established cryptocurrencies opoffering their own official blog pages, but some are updated more than others.

Unluckily, the Bitcoin blog is only updated with major news and announcements from the Bitcoin team. You shouldn&rsquo,t expect more than one postbode every duo of months.

Nonetheless, if you own Bitcoin, it&rsquo,s an significant webpagina to bookmark. Indeed, if all the &ldquo,fluff&rdquo, doesn&rsquo,t rente you, it&rsquo,s arguably the only Bitcoin news webpagina you should bookmark. If you add it to your RSS feed, you&rsquo,ll never miss a critical update about the coin.

7. Bitcoin Talk

Bitcoin Talk is a forum rather than a traditional news webpagina. However, with almost 1.Five million members, no significant news about Bitcoin goes unnoticed.

The forum has a subsection for almost every opzicht of Bitcoin you can think of, including technical discussion, mining news, and trading updates. For the most extensive list of news articles, make sure you check out Press Hits.

If you scroll to the bottom of the pagina, you&rsquo,ll also find a puny section dedicated to altcoins and their associated news.

8. Reddit

It&rsquo,s uncommon that wij publish any list of news-themed websites without mentioning the suitable subreddit, and Bitcoin is no different.

Ter fact, numerous subreddits are worth subscribing to. The main pagina (finish with price ticker) for the entire cryptocurrency sector can be found at /r/CryptoCurrency, but you should also keep an eye on the Bitcoin-specific /r/Bitcoin spil well spil two trading-specific pages, /r/BitcoinMarkets and /r/CryptoMarkets.

How Do You Stay Up-to-Date With Bitcoin News?

Ter this article, wij&rsquo,ve listed eight sites that&rsquo,ll help to keep you abreast of all the latest goings-on ter the Bitcoin world. It doesn&rsquo,t matter whether you want to read about trading, investing, or the real-world application of the technology What Are Bitcoins Actually Used For Now ter 2016? What Are Bitcoins Actually Used For Now te 2016? Bitcoin has bot on the up-and-up for several years now, but is it viable spil a currency yet? What exactly can you buy with it right now? Read More , thesis publications will keep you blessed.

Which sites do you turn to when you want to catch up on the latest Bitcoin news?Spil always, you can leave your tips, suggestions, and recommendations ter the comments section below.

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