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Time for the courageous: when will sell-offs zekering on the cryptocurrency market?

Time for the courageous: when will sell-offs stop on the cryptocurrency market?

The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market peaked at the end of 2018. Te December of 2016 Bitcoin (BTC) wasgoed valued at around 800 US dollars and reached a short-time high of more than 20 000 US dollars only a year zometeen. This is more than one million roubles by the exchange rate of the Russian Central Canap. This all means that the price of Bitcoin exceeded even the wildest forecasts from analysts and experts. If wij examine some of the old estimates, then wij can find analysis predicting the growth of BTC up to 12 000 US dollars through 2018. But the market had its own say about that. When the cryptocurrency market wasgoed joined by the large number of fledgling traders te late 2018 the price of BTC skyrocketed. During those peak prices, some of the investors determined to monetize their assets and sold their cryptocurrency instantly becoming millionaires and billionaires.

But all good things come to an end. At some point, there wasgoed virtually no buyers left at those peak prices. Negative news, fears of market regulations and rumours about a verbod on cryptocurrencies didn’t help the situation. That led to a trend of many crypto owners determining to take out their gains and leave. This resulted te a whopping druppel ter the price and the funk embarked. BTC shortly found support levels at 13 000 USD, 11 000 USD and 8 000 USD, but kept falling to reach a fresh low of 6 900 USD since November. Numerous media outlets claimed the end of the cryptocurrencies. But Bitcoin withstood the test.

Through February and March of 2018, the price fluctuated inbetween 7 000–12 000 USD. During this period the price of BTC found support levels at lows of 6 900 USD and 7 800 USD. Not going below those support levels suggests that the bottom price wasgoed reached during that period. Considering that it is a volmaakt time to inject the market spil a big investor. If wij take a look at the graphs of the support levels, wij can clearly see that BTC is finding its balance inbetween supply and request. Since financial markets are markets of expectations, then price corrections are considered absolutely normal and pose a fine chance for fresh investors to inject the market. Te this particular case cryptocurrencies are just switching arms: from those who panicked and didn’t cope with the market to those who have stronger nerves and believe ter the future of Bitcoin.

Recently the market has bot predominated by good news, which has spiked the rente of fresh investors. The futures market has to be considered one of the most significant stories for BTC. Te the long term, it will help balance supply and request of cryptocurrencies, spil it does now for the commodities market. This will lead to more and more investors ter the industry with longer investment horizons (one year and more). This will also end the high volatility of the BTC market, which is mostly caused by emotional short-term investors who panic-sell at low prices knocking the price down even further.

When will the weather switch?

Growth and correction periods on financial markets usually have a correlation rate of 4–5 to 1, meaning that a 10–12 month growth is usually followed by a 2–3 month correction period. Bitcoin had a growth period from October 2016 to December 2018, followed by the very first correction. Then there wasgoed a short-term climb followed by a series of massive corrections. Volatility caused by correction period lasted almost three months and resulted ter BTC losing more than 60% of its value compared to its December high.

During March wij witnessed a 2nd low-point for BTC at 7 800 USD, which wasgoed 900 USD higher than the previous one of 6 900 USD. According to technical analysis, which works ideally for the cryptocurrency market, this wasgoed a local low-point. Thesis low-points permitted more patient and less panicky long-term investors to inject the market. This made the price bounce back a bit. Thesis switches mean that now the time for range trading has arrived: buying at support levels (lows) and selling at resistance levels (highs). For long-term investors support levels at low prices present a volmaakt chance to inject the market at ondergrens risk.

Technical analysis also shows us that if BTC goes through a resistance level of 12 000 USD, then it’s a clear path to a fresh high of Legitimate 000 USD. That would inevitably mean a renewed rente from the general public.

One thing worth mentioning is the fact that pro analysis suggests that collateral costs of mining one Bitcoin exceed 8 000 USD. Estimates display that last month’s average for miners wasgoed a bit overheen Ten 000 USD vanaf Bitcoin.

Considering a high request for cryptocurrencies at low prices, wij can see that many of the investors are attempting to come in the market at prices that they missed out on during 2018. Price drops near strong support levels pose an excellent chance to inject the market for the long haul. History tends to repeat itself, which wij will be able to see te the 2nd part of the year during the next Bitcoin-rally.

Wall Street forecast

The latest forecast from Tom Lee (financial strategist and the head of Fundstart Global Advisors) is rather promising. He claims that the crypto bear market is overheen. That means that Bitcoin spil the most trusted cryptocurrency with also the largest market cap is a flawless investment for those who are looking to diversify their assets to minimize risks. Tom Lee sees Bitcoin crushing last year’s highs during 2018 and going on ter a bullish trend to reach 50 000–100 000 USD by 2020. For that, he says, one plain thing voorwaarde toebijten — BTC voorwaarde reach a market cap that would equal 5–10% of the global gold market. Te this screenplay, cloud-mining of cryptocurrencies becomes a super profitable business, where the market value of a coin will exceed its mining expenses a few times overheen. There is an analogy with the Gold Rush to be spotted. While sceptics are still weighing and hesitating, the bold and the certain are already sharpening their shovels.

Tom Lee’s confidence te his analysis is based on careful observations of patterns of behaviour of the millennial generation. This fresh generation has grown up ter an era of gadgets — they believe ter an endless world of possibilities of high-tech and can’t imagine their lives without the Internet. Unlike their parents, who trusted the good old gold and made their money on stock markets and funds, the fresh generation will invest and waterput their trust into digital currencies. Ter this regard, Bitcoin holds the strongest position spil a real alternative to traditional financial instruments wij are used to. If you paid closer attention to people behind the sceptical analysis and press releases utter of doubt, you would see that thesis are mainly individuals who are incapable to take hold of the very idea of digital currencies due to their old age, financial mentality and classic old schoolgebouw education.

Tom Lee is a renown cryptocurrency experienced, who accurately predicted the rise of BTC above Ten 000 USD te 2018. So wij know wij can waterput our trust te his analysis, which at very first glance may seem a bit optimistic. He also believes that transactions with Bitcoin will be regulated ter a similar style to commodities markets. Ter this regard, you can see that it is fairly similar to monetary gold and shares and options that are connected to its value. That means that Bitcoin will proceed holding a special place on the crypto market te the future. High level of trust will create a real possibility for Bitcoin to become a stable reserve fund asset ter the world of cryptocurrencies, spil US dollar, Japanese yen or Swiss frank are for the world of regular currency today.

What is needed for the stable growth of Bitcoin?

• Regulatory measures of the cryptocurrency market waterput ter place by financial institutions

• Legal regulations that will help Bitcoin establish itself among other financial asset classes

• Elimination of speculative and fraudulent schemes involving cryptocurrencies

• Resolving technical problems regarding trading and wielding Bitcoin


The sell-off wave on cryptocurrency markets has ended. Volatility is down to normal levels, and investors emotions have calmed. Bitcoin has confirmed that it is a viable payment method spil well spil a very rewarding investment for those who do not bashful away from risk. For many Bitcoin has become an omschrijving of monetary gold ter the digital world. Bitcoin holds many virtues: it is an lightly accessible investment, it has a potential to reach every demographic possible, and it can be used to conduct big deals with real estate.

Wij have also learned some good news ter late 2018 and early 2018. Financial institutions of some world’s leading countries have accepted Bitcoin spil a financial muziekinstrument. Russia and China have voiced their rente ter creating their own cryptocurrency. Germany has recognised Bitcoin spil a method of payment. South Korea has emerged spil world’s leader ter Bitcoin trading by volume. Canada, on the other arm, has become world’s fattest mining centre and its Central Bankgebouw has given the green light to the use of cryptocurrencies te the financial circulation. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and South Africa are programma on regulating their own crypto markets shortly. The futures market for Bitcoin has bot opened te Chicago, USA. Japan, among many, has also accepted cryptocurrencies spil a viable payment method.

Thesis tendencies give us excellent hope for the future spil all of the regulatory measures te this particular financial sector will benefit everybody involved. Investors will be given assurances and build up confidence. Market makers will be able to service the infrastructure on the regulated legal ondergrond. Miners will be able to get more out of their mining equipments by getting more profit from the growth of the value and by benefiting from more finely optimized mining solutions. Cloud mining will provide an chance for beginners to test their abilities and earn their very first Bitcoin.

Those who still doubt the future of Bitcoin should bear ter mind that the universal love for the US dollar stands wholly on the poles of trust te its value. But unlike the dollar, which is being issued by the Federal Reserve ter unlimited volumes, there will only be a limited number of 21 million Bitcoins. That gives Bitcoin every chance to become an international and universal payment method, which will provide its users confidentiality and independence from the state. Spil well spil being a private way of diversifying one’s assets by being a form of digital gold saved for a rainy day.

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