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Reviewed: Bitcoin apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Reviewed: Bitcoin apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Whenever bitcoin reaches mainstream usage, it’s likely that people will be paying via their smartphones. So what is the current state of bitcoin apps? Wij suggest reviews of three apps from the top three smartphone platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Android Bitcoin Apps


This app can invoer private keys, spil well spil authenticating to the Blockchain webstek (through a special “Pairing” process). It also has a QR code with a Blockchain bitcoin wallet address, but it can also generate QR codes with requests for specific amounts of bitcoin. You can also send bitcoin by typing (or pasting) an address or by scanning a QR code. It also has more basic and very useful features like displaying a list of your transactions, and a Speld lock to make sure nobody accesses your wallet. You can also pick a fiat currency to display on the main screen of the app to display what your bitcoin balance is worth.

Mt. Gox [official]

The official Mt. Gox app for Android takes you through a tricky process of authenticating to the webstek by creating an API key which is waterput onto your smartphone by scanning a QR code. However, once this is done, the app consistently crashes when opened. At least it did on our Nexus Four which wasgoed running stock Android Four.Two.Two. Wij couldn’t avoid mentioning this one, but it has to be with a warning to avoid it.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet by Andreas Schildbach is the definitive bitcoin wallet app for Android. If you have a bitcoin wallet created by another app (e.g. bitcoin-qt on the desktop), it can be imported with ease via the backup spijskaart. However, this is not compatible with the backup files created by the Blockchain app. The app features a pivoting list of your transactions, switching inbetween received, sent and all. It also permits you to create and manage numerous receiving addresses. It also supports QR scanning for sending and requesting bitcoin.

Bitcoin Paranoid

This is an app for those who are avid bitcoin watchers and need up-to-the-minute prices. This doesn’t give you an app or a widget. Instead, it provides a voortdurend entry ter Android’s notification shade with the current exchange rate ter your chosen currency. Conveniently, it not only shows what 1 BTC is worth te your fiat currency, but it also shows how much one unit of your fiat currency is with ter BTC. E.g. One pound sterling is worth around 16.16 mBTC.

iOS Bitcoin Apps


This is the official Blockchain app for iOS – again made by Qkos Services Ltd. who made the Android version. However, this app has a distinctive style that sets it chic. Its curved implement kroegen eat into the iPhone’s screen real estate, which makes viewing the list of transactions feel fairly cramped even on an iPhone Five. Just spil with its Android counterpart, you are saved the hassle of logging te with a username and password. Instead, you ‘pair’ the app with your Blockchain.informatie account by scanning a QR code from your desktop browser.

Once paired, the transaction list looks identical to that of the Blockchain webstek, including tapping transaction values to toggle inbetween BTC and fiat values. The lower toolbar lets you access pages for sending and receiving payments. Fortunately, there is an option to send payments by scanning a QR code too. The toolbar also lets you access your settings pagina on the Blockchain webstek. Overall, the app works very well, and the Blockchain.informatie webstek provides a pretty secure solution for keeping your wallet te the cloud. Spil such, this is my favourite app for treating bitcoin on iOS devices.


This free app for iOS lets you keep your finger on the pulse of the cryptocurrency world. The very first of four screens is a rekenmachine where you may inject your holdings ter several cryptocurrencies, and the app will calculate the total USD value. The next screen shows you regularly updated prices of bitcoin to USD and euro on several exchanges, it also lists Litecoin, Novacoin and Terracoin. The “Details” screen shows the high, low and volume (etc) of USD trades for bitcoin on Mt. Gox. The final screen shows Bitcoin and Litecoin news from several sources including Reddit and The Bitcoin Tv-programma. It doesn’t include CoinDesk yet, tut tut!


With only two wallet apps on iOS, the options are limited. BitcoinViewer is a very limited form of wallet app te that, when supplied with a bitcoin address, it will display a QR code, current balance with the total sent and received bitcoin amounts. Fortunately, you can monitor more than one address too. The other section of the app shows a copy of the charts from Bitcoinity. At least you can use this to receive money, but you’ll have to find some other way to actually pay with your iPhone.

Windows Phone 8 Bitcoin Apps

The so-called third ecosystem isn’t without bitcoin apps either. Predictably, the options are thinner on the ground here, and not all apps work that well.

Mt. Gox

Very first up with an unofficial Mt. Gox app, called mt. Gox. The app permits you to place, buy and sell orders. It will also voorstelling you a summary of the presently open bids and ask orders that you have. Usability isn’t good, spil you have to paste te the API key and secret text from Mt. Gox – compare this to Android and iOS where you can authenticate your account by just scanning a QR code. For this app, the best way is to email the API key and secret text to yourself, then copy and paste them into the app from your Windows Phone email app.

Mt. Gox Live Tile

This app does just what its title suggests. It provides a live tile providing market details of what the USD price of Bitcoin on Mt. Gox is presently doing. The app supports all three tile sizes of Windows Phone. The smallest size just shows an arrow to display whether the price is up or down. The largest will showcase the current price with the most latest highs and lows.


Spil the name suggest, this is the Windows Phone app for accessing your wallet te the Blockchain cloud. The app faithfully works within the signature vormgeving of Windows Phone by pivoting inbetween views for your wallet and your transaction history. The wallet screen displays a QR code so others can lightly send bitcoin to you. That is about all it does. Ter comparison to the official Blockchain app for Android, this incarnation is fairly limited. There’s no Speld lock, and there’s no way to send money to other users.


Overall, Android has the best support for not just bitcoin, but cryptocurrencies te general. Both iOS and Windows Phone have promising apps, but they are still missing key functionality that cryptocurrencies will need to waterput digital spending power ter the arms of ordinary users.

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