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Innosilicon A4 620 M

Innosilicon A4 620 M

Welcome to Bithash Mining Ltd. Wij are the UKs premier supplier of all things crypto.

Wij are a UK registered company that offers crypto currency mining equipment and accessories. Our registered office is at: 272 Bath Street Glasgow, G2 4JR and our company registration number is: SC582706

Our VAT registration number is: GB28847843

Bithash Mining Ltd wasgoed commenced by crypto mining enthusiasts spil wij felt that there needed to be a trusted UK and European supplier where customers can purchase thesis ter request products without the risk.

Bithash Mining is here to make virtual currency mining accessible to everyone, from seasoned professionals to those wanting to commence out on what wij believe is the future of World payment systems. Our 30 day tech guru aftersales service offers unrivalled support to those that are fresh to mining. Wij offerande access to a tech guru via telephone/skype and e-mail. Wij can even set your machine up before it leaves our warehouse so that all you need to do is buttplug it te and switch it on. It indeed can be that ordinary with the support.

Most mining equipment is bought abroad and many companies and re-sellers only suggest anonymous payment methods such spil bitcoin. Albeit wij are excellent advocates of bitcoin and alternative virtual currencies, this unluckily means that many people never receive their products. This can cause superb distress and ter some cases puts thesis people off mining for good. Spil a UK based registered business you can be sure that you are dealing with a company you can trust. Wij aim to give you the excellent service that your custom-made is worth.

Bithash Mining is here to make virtual currency mining accessible to everyone, from seasoned professionals to those wanting to embark out on what wij believe is the future of World payment systems.

You can expect a warm welcome from our team and please do not hesitate to get te touch should you have any questions.

Kar Lok Cheung – Purchasing Director

With many years of Chinese business practice from within Shenzhen, Lok and his team work tirelessly to ensure that wij always have available stock for our customers. All of the products are checked for quality before being passed on to our shipping vrouwen through Hong Kong and into the UK. Spil well spil virtual currency mining, Lok also holds key positions within the copper mining industry, dealing with major mining companies via the World. I guess he wasgoed made for this?

Lee Berrow – Managing Director

Lee is sultry about crypto currency mining and rigidly believes it has a fantastic long term future within the banking and payment industries. Having led successful building and huis improvement companies, Lee has a natural talent for leadership. Lee has bot mining crypto currencies since the very early days and is very much arms on when it comes to moving the business forward.

Mark Berrow – Technical Director

Mark is a talented electrical engineer and broadcaster. Having began his trade spil an avionics technician ter the British Army, Mark now takes care of all of our testing and certifications. Mark is presently helping to vormgeving and build our hosting facilities that will be available very soon! He is also very creative so look out for him on our YouTube channel.

Q: Is Bithash Mining Ltd an official distributor?

A: No, but wij are a UK registered business with many contacts ter China. This enables us to source products sold out or unavailable elswhere.

Q: Do you have numerous websites?

A: No – wij are only listed on www.bithashmining.com please only voeling us through this official webpagina.

Q: How do I place an order?

A: When a product is available you can lightly place your order online on our webstek or through our facebook store. After confirming your order you will receive an official invoice e-mailed to you. When payment is made ter time your order is final. If wij can not process your order you will receive an email notification. Please be sure before making an order spil all orders are final and cannot be cancelled or switched due to the nature of crypto currency mining and its volatility.

Q:What to do when a product is out of stock?

A: You can join our newsletter and when fresh stock is received you will receive this information before anyone else! You can also use the wish list function on our webstek or go after us on facebook and twitter.

Q:What about customs and invoer duties?

A: Wij ship from within the UK so spil long spil you are based te Europe you won’t have to pay any fees at all. If you live outside of the EU then you may have pay taxes according to your countries tax rates.

Q: What are your shipping costs and shipping times?

A: Thesis are specific to each product. Te the product listing you will see the estimated delivery date. Please be aware that this is an estimate and wij have no control of when the voorwerp is shipped. Sometimes manufacturers have delays so please bear this te mind when ordering.

Q: Do you suggest a warranty?

A: Bithash Mining Ltd do not suggest warranties on our products. Each manufacturer offers their own warranty and wij can assist you te contacting them to have any defective products immobile

Q: Do you opoffering support?

A: Yes – wij suggest a total 30 day support package for all items bought directly from our store. Wij can help you to get set up and help with any technical issues that you may have.

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