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Coinvest- The world’s very first decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies.

The Coinvest hardware wallet complements the Coinvest decentralized investment trading verhoging and offers a single integrated solution to securely invest and store cryptonized assets.

DALLAS, TX – Coinvest, an emerging blockchain startup comprised of Microsoft alumni, is announcing the details of their hardware wallet that offers consumers a secure end-to-end solution to complement the Coinvest decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies.

The Coinvest hardware wallet offers state-of-the kunst vormgeving and architecture featuring:

A cryptographic coprocessor with secure hardware-based key storage and asymmetric and symmetric cipher supportLinux operating system using a SAMA5D2D pre-PCI certified processor4.3” LED backlit utter touchscreen display with 480×272 resolutionFIDO/U2F support to use COIN wallet spil a security token for two-factor authenticationA single USB-C connection with support for authenticating desktop and mobile devicesA dedicated screen and authentication chip to protect consumers even if the host laptop is infected with a virus or malwareSupport for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Contant, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, and more

Unlike current solutions on the market that leverage zuivere MCU-based solutions such spil the Ledger and Trezor, Coinvest has chosen a pre-PCI certified processor to mitigate the security risks that challenging platforms wield, while maximizing graphics capabilities for an practice that is 2nd to-none. The wallet also has a single USB-C connection with support for authenticating desktop and mobile devices. With premium materials and a size omschrijving to a credit card, the Coinvest wallet provides consumers an all-in-one portable individual security solution te a strikingly beautiful vormgeving.

The Coinvest hardware wallet integrates with the Coinvest investment trading toneelpodium to opoffering an end-to-end solution to securely invest and store cryptonized assets. Te addition to the storage of popular cryptocurrency protocols such spil Bitcoin and Ethereum ERC20 tokens, the wallet will have an integrated password management application and FIDO/U2F support to use the wallet spil a security token for two-factor authentication. The Coinvest wallet development API will empower developers to build secure apps to use with the wallet spil well spil suggest compatibility with other leading wallet solutions such spil MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, and more.

Alongside the hardware wallet, Coinvest will be suggesting a case for device protection. The hardware wallet case features three slots to hold credit cards with one slot spil an option for the modular money clip. Two fitted magnetic slots secure the hardware wallet and travel cable ter place. The case features a diversity of premium textures and colors to gezond all individual styles. The combination of the Coinvest hardware wallet and case offers a single solution to carry contant, credit cards, and cryptocurrency together te a package slightly larger than the size of a credit card.

Coinvest is partnering with leading hardware and security firms, Cardinal Peak and Cryptotronix, to bring the wallet to market by early 2019. The Coinvest wallet will retail for $249 and only be available for purchase using the Coinvest COIN token meteen from the Coinvest webstek. COIN is presently available for purchase during Coinvest’stoken sale through Friday, April 6th at 9:30 CST. For more information, visithttps://wallet.coinve.st.

About Coinvest Coinvest is a blockchain technology company focused on developing solutions to democratize cryptocurrencies and bring them to the masses. The company’s mission is to create decentralized instruments for the world to seamlessly and securely invest and use cryptocurrencies. Coinvest is lead by a team of Microsoft alumni and vooraanstaand advisors Tony Scott, former CIO of the US Government, VMWare, and Microsoft spil well spil Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable. Coinvest is one of the only blockchain companies te the world registered with the United States SEC and FinCEN. For more information about Coinvest, please visit:https://coinve.st.

For more information, please visit ourwebsite. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord.

[ICO] LevelNet – Very first Distributed Cyber Security Toneel

The rapid development of technologies is accompanied by phat spread of threats and leads to the emergence of fresh problems ter cyber security. Unluckily, regular antiviruses do not cope with a large number of fresh threats to user gegevens protection and do not develop quickly enough.

Fresh threats emerge everywhere, but different antivirus services find solutions at different time. This leads to the fact that many users remain vulnerable to fresh threats for a long time, while updates of the signature database do not take effect.

No antivirus product is capable of 100% protection of thesis devices by itself — this is the fragmentation problem of the antivirus software market. Developers concentrate on a narrow range of information security problems and are not able to cope with the threat on a global scale because of the limited gegevens on fresh threats.

One network is the protection of everyone.

Imagine a united network designed to help each user with the elimination of cybersecurity problems. Users exchange gegevens about current security threats by transferring it to one network. Thus, users do not have to wait for the antivirus update to be released, because the system works ter real time. If at least one antivirus program has found the solution, this solution will spread all overheen the network and eliminate this problem on all devices.

Detected, identified, eliminated

LevelNet not only notifies you instantaneously of a detected threat, but also instantly deadlocks it on the end device. Threats are identified by monitoring the response of security systems installed on various devices.

The verhoging leverages existing solutions of cyber security and anti-virus services platforms, regardless of what services are installed on a specific device. The work of LevelNet is aimed not only at eliminating current threats to gegevens protection, but also at preventing future threats. Users on the network will receive timely notifications of potentially dangerous objects transmitted from other devices on the network. The monitoring and eliminating threats process is carried out continuously across the LevelNet network.

Gegevens processing scheme te the LevelNet network

The gegevens te the network is displayed dynamically. Any switches ter threat gegevens are instantly communicated to other knots of the LevelNet network. This ensures a quick update of the database.

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