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6 GPU Ethereum Mining Equipment Build 2018 Coin Suggest

6 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig Build 2018 Coin Suggest

How To Mine Ethereum With GTX 1070 Graphics Cards?

So, you want to embark mining Ethereum right?

But you don’t know how to build Ethereum mining equipment?

Today wij are going to use the best Ethereum mining hardware to assemble our mining equipment. Spil wij are going to build 6 GPU mining equipment wij will use 6 Graphics Cards.

Spil more and more graphics card going out of stock wij have to take care that wij buy the onberispelijk graphics card. Wij don’t want to end up mining Ethereum at very low hashrates.

Update – Article has bot updated to be working te 2018.

Spil many people have began mining cryptocurrencies – Ethereum is one of the most popular for mining. But, why are people investing so much te mining Ethereum?

The thing is Ethereum is the cryptocurrency which is ASIC resistant, i.e you cannot mine it with any ASIC you will have to mine it with graphics cards. I have also inserted Amazon linksom spil it may help you buy them.

If you are indeed not into mining then you can have a look into – Cryptocurrency Investment.

Best Graphics Cards For Mining Ethereum

This is often asked spil a question right – Which are the best graphics cards for mining Ethereum?

But here is a question – which graphics cards should I use? Well, until today I have used Nvidia GTX 1070 – Why. Because of Two reasons –

Even tho’ you can lightly resell thesis cards te future at a fine price.

Here is a graph that can explain you –

You can clearly see that GTX 1070 stands out te MH/s. I have bot using GTX 1070 to date without any problem. One GTX 1070 consumes 150W of power.

So, GTX 1070 is best ethereum mining card wij are going to use te this mining build.

6 GPU Ethereum Mining Equipment Build

Our ETH mining equipment will consist of –

Every hardware is listed below. Also, I have done my part of explaining each and every hardware. You will not have any problem ter assembling them.


Spil wij are assembling 6 GPU ETH mining equipment you will need 6 of them. If you are low on budget you can always embark with Four of them and periodically increase them. GTX 1070 uses 150W of power which is also fine.

Each Graphics Cards will output – 32 Mh/s. So with 6 of them, you will have – 32 x 6 = 192 Mh/s.

Also, if you go with GTX 1070 for mining Zcash you will get – 450 Sol/s. i.e if you think you could not mine Ethereum at one point you can periodically shift.

This particular EVGA Geforce GTX 1070 comes with 8GB GDDR5 memory and has Two ventilatoren to keep the graphics card cool.

To maintain all the cost wij are going with GTX 1070.

Update – Most of the time you could not find GTX 1070 you will have to go with GTX 1070ti which is the lastest version and is better than GTX 1070

MSI Professional Series Intel Z270 DDR4

Wij will be needing an motherboard right. So, wij have to choose an motherboard that can support 6 GPU.

Absolutely, so wij are going with MSI Professional Series Intel Z270 DDR4. This motherboard supports 6 GPU and you can link the GPU via RISERS.

This motherboard supports DDR4 RAM and is good to go with Intel Processor with LGA 1151 socket.

The motherboard is the base of your mining equipment, everything that you are going to build depends upon your motherboard. This motherboard will run 6 GPU that you will link to no problems.

PCI-E 16x to 1x Risers

You need to fasten your GTX 1070 Graphics card right. But how do you do that?

You can link all your GPU via RISERS i.t PCIe 16x to 1x. Thesis are petite cable – where at the one end GPU is linked and other end goes to the motherboard.

You need 6 of them spil wij will link 6 GPU. You can find Risers at very low cost – Make sure that you buy them with other hardware componants. Do not buy them single.

Ballistix Sport LT 4GB Single DDR4 RAM

The MSI Professional Series Intel Z270 DDR4 support DDR4 RAM. The reason wij are going with 4GB RAM is that the RAM never plays a role ter your mining efficiency.

If you add 8GB RAM the output would be the same spil 4GB. So, I think you don’t want to waste your money on building this mining equipment.

So, lets go with DDR4 4GB rather than any higher RAM.

Intel Celeron Processor

You will need a processor for powering up your mining equipment. But, why going with Celeron &, why not some higher end processor like i3, i5, i7.

The thing you vereiste know is that wij are going to do GPU mining, not CPU mining. Wij only need our processor to run the software and surplus of the mining process will be carried by the Graphics Cards.

Celeron is a good processor. Wij are using Celeron 7th, Gen, spil this fits te our mining motherboard which has LGA 1151 socket.

You can even go with Pentium processor too.

SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB

Everzwijn since I’m building fresh cryptocurrency mining equipments I’m including SSD rather than HDD. The reason is SSD is quick and by using SSD I would increase the transfer speed and decrease the time. Also, other things that I think about SSD are – They use less power consuming and also if you are embarking up your mining equipment the boot time is diminished and soon you will be mining.

I would also recommend you buy an SSD spil it is a just little bit expensive than HDD. So, you don’t have to buy any 240 GB SSD or, higher 120GB is enough. The only things that will be going on the SSD will be OS, Drivers &, mining software.

EVGA SuperNOVA 1200W Platinium

It is often hard to select required PSU. Some of you might select a PSU that is way less than the required power supply. When you select the Power Supply Unit for the mining equipment you will only use 80% of the total that can be supplied by the PSU.

E.g, If you require about 1000W of power you will not buy 1000W PSU you will buy 1200W PSU.

By doing so you will be on the safer side.

So, let’s calculate our required power supply –

1 GPU consumes = 150W of Power, So, 6 GPU consumes -6 X 150 = 900 W of power.

Additionally – 200 W of power might be consumed by motherboard, CPU, SSD, etc.

So, using 1200W PSU will be good.

ATX Power switch

So, how are you going to power on this mining equipment. This ain’t using any ATX cabin and there isn’t any button to begin. To be sure, wij have to buy ATX Power Switch.

ATX Power Switch is something that is a wire that will link to the motherboard and another end of the wire acts spil a button to embark and turn off the equipment.

This is one of the smallest components but you vereiste not miss this one. It is very effortless to fasten.

Whenever you buy this – Buy it with other componants too, cutting out the toegevoegd costs.

Mining Equipment Open Air Framework

You will need an open mining framework that permits good air flow. Make sure that your mining equipment framework is not conjusted.

I would recommend you build your own cryptocurrency mining framework. By this way, you can build it the way you want. The only required things would be few aluminum rods and some hardware abilities.

Make sure that everything will getraind decently.

Enough space for the GPU, Motherboard, SSD, PSU, etc.

If you do want to pick one up this mining equipment framework will help you out –Mining Equipment Open Air Framework.

Choosing your operating system, for now, might not be hard. If you are familiar with Windows then you can use Windows for mining. Linux is even good spil you will cut out the costs.

But especially if you are going to use this mining equipment for mining Ethereum you can go with ETHOS.

Mining Pool

It is also significant which mining software and pool you use. I would recommend you using Claymore Dual Ethereum Miner spil a software.

And for the pool from last few months, I have bot using eth.2miners.com.

I received regular payments of ETH and they have low fees ter comparison to other pools.


With this particular Ethereum Mining Equipment, you can actually mine about $379 of Ethereum every month and this is very likely good.

Update – Spil the price of Ethereum has gone up above $750. You will be able to mine more than $500/ month with this mining equipment. This Ethereum mining equipment can run fine ter 2018.

But, here is a good trick that keeps mij going – When I mine Ethereum I do not sell it instantaneously I wait till the prices of Ethereum has gone up. By this way, my terugwedstrijd of investment is met very early.

But, always recall that when you invest te mining equipment you do not liberate money instead you earn money.

The thing is when you buy a mining equipment you can mine spil much spil you can. But when the time comes when you dont want to mine you can always resell and there are hundreds who will buy your equipment.

Graphics cards can be resold.


$3593 (Prices May Switch)

6 GPU Mining Equipment

Soham Pratap

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theres only Four slot of pci-3 on this motherboard, how do i connect the other Two gpu, thanks a lotsbestemming

Thank You Rizzian,

I’m blessed that this helped. Well spil you asked mij about PCIe slots right. You’ve mistaken there are Four PCIe slots on the motherboard so, you dont have to worry.

If you do get any problems feel free to message mij I will help you out.

yap thats my question, theres only Four pci-e slot for my riser, so where do i connect my other Two riser to the motherboard if theres only Four pci-e slot,thanks alot for the reaction

Providing you a quick reply – There are PCIe slots available

Hope this helps you.

now i got it, i thought that wasgoed too big but i guess there compatible, thanks a lotsbestemming and more power

Glad that I helped you out. Anything else.

if you are a trader, do not use yobit.televisiekanaal.. they are a accomplish scam and thief’s that support pump and dump. tech support will not react to anyone unless you pay te coins. they are a problem to the crypto trading industry. only Russian users get help. the Russian users come together and scam all other foreign users. stay away from this look

Could you do a 13 gpu like similar equipments I have seen you postbode about? And still use the 1070 gpu?

Sure thing Chris…. Or I’ll be able to guide you Via email….

I purchased 6 1070 FTW edition GPUs and they have two 8-pin power connectors each. Do I need to get more powers supplies to accommodate the toegevoegd 8-pin slot? Also, should I have connector branch from the power supply to both 8-pin slots or give each slot on the GPU its own connector to the power supply?

You do not need to buy any zuigeling of toegevoegd PSU and that will be a total waste of money. You can purchase a splitter that will work – http://www.parallelminer.com/product/18awg-pci-e-6pin-to-dual-8-pin-y-splitter-extension-cable-2x-62pin-cable-6in-each-side/ . Let mij know this helped.

How did u power Two x 8pin to FTW, which psu u r using ? I too hv same punt.

I have 6 RX580 8GB and I can’t make them mine altogether..

On miner window , all 6 GPU are displaying up but Two of then GPU3 and GPU Five have zero hashrate

Thank You For Your Valuable Terugkoppeling.

Be sure to install the latest drivers! AMD has also released their Mining Drivers proefneming with that too….

Thanks for the article. Do you by chance have any idea what the power consumption te watts is? Preferbly for Four not 6 but if you only have information on 6 I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi GTX 1070 needs

160W vanaf card. So, if you need to use Four cards you will need 160 x Four = 640W. But you do have motherboard, SSD and maybe something else connected so let’s consider reserve 200W.

So, you will need 640W+200W = 840W.

Yes, you can use 1000W of PSU. I’m personally using – Two RM 1000W PSU.

Could you tell us, what is the best mining pool for ethereum?

Also, should I solely mine ethereum or mine both ethereum&,zcash?

Thank you again for this article.

You can mine both Zcash & Ethereum.

What is the cost of antminer s9 ter india?

So, Bitmain doesn’t ship bitmain products to India. So, you will have to voeling few people around. I got Bitmain S9 at Two.40 Lakhs.

Hi Soham, quick question can you share voeling to get Ant miner S9 ter India. From where you got it?

Nowadays it is very hard to get an ASIC te India. Indian Custom-built is not permitting ASIC to be shipped and are holding them.

People who are selling ASIC are selling at very high rates. They don’t want to make themselves available publicly.

Only one thing that I would like you to do is – research!! You will find them.

FB groups can sometimes help!!

I project to begin petite mining ethereum (just Two GPU) Do you know how much a 2GPU equipment will Mine ter a month?

And I know this can mine zcash too, but can it mine any other cryptocurriences like litecoin etc. ?

Thanks for the Article BTW

Yes, this equipment can mine any cryptocurrency. If you consider mining ETH with Two GPU then you might earn $100. If you consider Zcash for 2GPU then you might earn $55-60 vanaf month.

Hope this helps.

Very first off fine guide appreciate your effort!

So question, if I went with thesis cards instead, would it still be compat with this setup?

SAPPHIRE Radeon RX 570 NITRO+ 8 GB GDDR5 2xDP/2xHDMI/DVI-D Graphics Card

Totally fine of you go with it!!

Hello, I wasgoed wondering if you could help mij with a bios modification question. I have a equipment running mostly rx470 mining editions, are thesis cards already maxed out when it comes to tweeking their bios? Im asking becuase i have tryed to tweek them te the past and run into issues and a loss te hash rate…

Fine article but I still have a question.

Can you voorstelling the difference ter ZCash mining inbetween a RX 570 8Gb and the GTX 1070.

With Ethereum the difference is Two.6 Mh/s.

How much is the difference te Sol (ZCash) inbetween the GTX 1070 and the RX 570 ?

Is there a difference te speed with 4gb or 8gb Ram on the Cards?

Thanks ter advance!

Ok, let mij give you all the stock hashrates. i.e Without overclocking

RX 570 gives hashrates – 27.9 MH/s (ETH), 260 Sol/s(Equihash – Zcash), 700 H/s (Cryptonight).

GTX 1070 gives hashrates – 28 MH/s (ETH), 430 Sol/s (Equihash – Zcash), 500 H/s (Cryptonight).

Hope this helps. But there is lotsbestemming of difference inbetween them. I always go with green team. If I do wanna mine ETH then I can lightly get 31 to 32 Mh/s with GTX 1070 With overclocking.

I am ter the peocess of ordering parts for a good 6 card mining equipment. What is the best GPU card i can get now that uses the least amount of power? What is your email? Maybe you could send mij an updated list for 2018? Or are all the parts still basically the same spil your very first list? Thank you so much for all this help.

Also, are there mobos out there that are capable of more than 6 gpu? Or do you just connect Two mobos together to get more than 6 slots? Thx

Yes, GTX 1070 or GTX 1070Ti are the best cards that you can buy. They can truly mine Ethereum spil well spil Zcash at a good output. Talking about the power it might use somewhere ter inbetween 180W to 200W vanaf GPU.

Also, this is an updated guide and will work te 2018 spil well. I usually update the guides so you don’t need to worry.

You can switch the Motherboard if you want to add more GPU!

Here is a good article where you can select best mining motherboards.

Superb guide! I am having trouble finding any GTX 1070 GPUs for a reasonable price. Do you know where you can affordably get thesis?

I always order mine from Amazon – You can either buy GTX 1070 or GTX 1070Ti whatever is available.

Prices are enhanced I guess and will always proceed to grow up.

A Quick question. Do i need a fan to go on top of the processor?

Absolutely yes, most of the processors come with the ventilatoren so check that if your comes with the fan.

So I wasgoed looking at graphic cards and wasgoed wondering, would a GTX 1070 SC Gaming do or are wij looking for the “vanilla” 1070/1070TI aka NVIDIA standard cooler or could it be any brand?

Thanks, fine guide BTW.

Very first of all the brand does not matter. That is what I say. I’m presently using MSI Armor GTX 1070 & gives precies same hashrates spil any other GTX 1070 card will give.

But EVGA cards are well built.

Does not your equipment keep freezing?

No mine does not freeze.

Share with us your BIOS settings! I bought exactly everything that is on this poster, and I attempted everything, every Three hours my equipment freezes.

Ok, so you want to achieve 32 Mh/s with ETH juist?? So, you are achieving that 32 MH/s and it is freezing your mining after a duo of hours. I suggest you lower your settings.

Presently, I’m mining with my GTX 1070 cards at 30 MH/s.

Very detail write up.

I got a qns and i still not sure about the onberispelijk way of connecting the riser

So 6 riser which should i buy molex, sata, 6pins or riser with all the Trio types connector.

Bot reading and seem like the 6 pins is the best. But psu only have 6 pcie connectors so can i use those splitter 6pins to Two pcie connector?

Any advise? Fairly lost.

Hi Pratap, can you please advise how much a similar equipment with RX 580 8gb would cost ter india, and how much te international market? Do you know anyone te Dubai who can help mij?

You do have some fine information on mining with the GTX 1070, thank you. But you don’t mention the 1070 Ti, how come? According to other research I have found that the 1070 Ti is actually more efficient, and quicker than the 1070 so overall it can cost less and mine more.

I’ve already mentioned that GTX 1070Ti are the best option if you cannot find GTX 1070. Te fact, I can say that you vereiste go with GTX 1070Ti instead of GTX 1070.

But there is not much of a difference te spectacle.

Hi, Nice Share Soham, can u guide mij 6 GPU Equipment how much ethereum mine ter month, Can u describe utter information

With today’s difficulty and profitability, you can mine about 0.46 ETH vanaf month.

is it still profitable mine ethereum with Nvidia GTX 1070 with price of around 70,000…

The prices ter India have almost dual. I bought the cards when GTX 1070 were selling at 40000 rs. If you can find the old stock then surely you will be profitable!!

Fine article. I indeed appreciate what you collective and the discussion down below. Two questions for you:

1. Based on the stores that you usually buy GPU (if you could add international informatie will be awesome) do you think it is reasonable to invest ter the equipments or should you hodl your finances and wait for a price druppel? I know it is speculative kleuter of a question and things switch every 2nd but I am just qurious about your opinion.

Two. What PSU valtage do you recoment since both the logic that you used with the 20% rule and this zakjapanner by OuterVision (https://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator) (the same spil the CoolerMaster one) is suggesting that you buy “bigger” PSU? (GPUs use a variable of 150, meaning around 1000 and then adding the processor and the 20% rule getting us at 1600W PSU or 2x650W PSUs) And since wij are the the PSU topic – what brands do you recommend and do you recommend getting Two PSU te the very first place?

Thanks for the superb article and the discussion below I am most grateful for your work and passion!

can i use Four geforce gtx1060 +1 gtx1070ti + 1 gtx1070 ? they don’t have to be all brand ?

still attempting get the cards I might go two cards then add on. good article .

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