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How to earn 1 BTC ter a week

How to earn 1 BTC in a week

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You voorwaarde be asking “Can I earn bitcoins for free?” If that’s what brought your here, look no further, you are where you supposed to be. I made this blog especially for wanderers looking for free bitcoins.

I wasgoed there once, looking for free bitcoins and satoshis. I spent days and days looking for websites, surveys and games that truly pays out. I might sound little unreal to you but 99.99% websites or surveys or games that you waste your time on would never pay you.

They just lure users to sign up and use their websites, so that they could earn lots and lots of metselspecie via selling advertisement. You might say “People would never use it again” and I would argue that with facts. One fact is that there are 7.Five billion people on earth. They don’t know or they don’t want to know what you know about certain websites unless they won’t practice it. That’s the human nature. “We believe what wij experience”. It is rather demoralizing and disappointing to acknowledge the fact about such websites. Their primary aim is to sell advertisement to users. They don’t care how much your earn on their websites because it’s just a number to them and they know deep down that they wouldn’t pay you. So even if you win a jackpot, It’s win for them and lose for you.

Above paragraph wasgoed written just to inform users to not to waste their time on such webstek. But this doesn’t mean that their are no websites that indeed pays off. Their are a few. Now, cheer up! Looking for such websites is like looking for a needle ter haystack. So, after a long research on the web and spending my thousands of minutes, I only found thesis websites that legitimately pays off fair and square. But you might have to spend more time on thesis websites because what you’d earn from thesis websites are not just mere numbers but actual bitcoins and satoshis.

Websites I’m going to mention the names of here did not pay mij te any way. I have bot using thesis websites myself for a long time. Which makes mij eligible to testify that mentioned websites will pay you off.

Disclaimer: Mentioned websites legitimacy is solely depend on my practice and other fellow users terugkoppeling.

Before begin earning, you need a secure wallet to keep your earning safe. I recommend downloading Wirex app to your phone. Wirex is one of the most secure bitcoin wallet .

This webstek offers three ways to earn bitcoins. You can earn up to 0.00000327 BTC every hour just by clicking “roll” button on their webstek. You can also multiply your earning by 4750 times by playing roll games or by affiliate marketing. Once you reach 0.00030000 BTC ter your wallet, Freebitcoin can transfer your amount to your preferred wallet address. If you like to invest your earnings then you need to maintain at least 0.0003 BTC te your account and it makes you eligible to earn Four.08% rente. I give you my word on this webstek. You’d get what you’d earn.

This webstek let your earn bitcoins by completing surveys and referral program. Good news, you don’t even need to sign up to to this webstek, just inject your wallet address and you’re good to go. You can choose from a broad range of surveys. The longer survey you choose, more you earn. If you have a fan following of some sort on twitter or facebook or youtube, you should go with referral program to earn good passive income.

If you’ve any more suggestion or terugkoppeling on my lil’ list, please comment.

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