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Anyone buying hardware to mine Ethereum is going to lose – Ethereum World News

Anyone buying hardware to mine Ethereum is going to lose - Ethereum World News

Waterput Your Hard Hat On

This drove people to buy Radeon R9 290/390 series cards, on top of people disrobing shelves nude of the Polaris-based Radeon RX 470, RX 480, RX 570, and RX 580. Both variants were depleted with 4GB and 8GB models selling out, and then NVIDIA felt the effects with GTX 1060s becoming super popular overnight, selling out just spil quickly spil retailers began cashing te on the Ethereum mining boom.

It wasn’t long until the higher-end GTX 1070s began leaping te price, before also flying off shelves. This trickle effect wasgoed hitting other markets that weren’t being talked about, including high-end PSUs. I had a near unlikely time of finding high-end PSUs, with 1000W+ units selling out all overheen the place. There were a few high-end 850W units left, but the numbers were thinning. On eBay, there were slew of mining-oriented products that began liking the Ethereum rush, including PCIe x1 to x16 risers, stengel frames for multi-GPU equipments, and more.

Please Don’t Buy Hardware For Mining Now

Now that there are virtually no Radeon cards on the market, and most of NVIDIA’s mid-range GeForce cards are extinct, the difficulty of mining Ethereum has skyrocketed. Six weeks ago you could make a very nice money mining Ethereum, but the difficulty of mining it proceeds to erect – and it is even quicker now that there are thousands of fresh miners joining pools across the world.

The current price on graphics cards is f***ing ridiculous, with retailers and etailers cashing ter on the feverish request on AMD and NVIDIA hardware. It’s not right, and I hate it beyond words. A large reason for this is that I worked te IT retail for ten years before I switched careers and commenced writing for TweakTown .

I used to sell the very hardware that I now review for a living and work with every day, and I railed flaps of random popular spikes te sales. The entire ‘can it run Crysis’ happened while I worked ter IT sales, and wij couldn’t get enough graphics cards ter before they were flying off the shelves.

This global GPU shortage is unprecedented.

It hasn’t happened at this scale before, and we’re standing right under a gigantic bubble. It might seem fine now, but NVIDIA and AMD can’t get enough cards onto the market, and even if they could, this trapped request for Radeon RX 400/500 series and GeForce GTX Ten series cards will diegene. It will go down. This is a ensure. Ethereum mining has taunted people with the capability to make a lotsbestemming of money very quickly from their homes, using consumer level hardware.

When mining Bitcoin wasgoed a ‘thing’ before it switched overheen to requiring ASIC specific hardware, wij went through a similar wave, but it wasgoed nowhere near spil all-consuming spil the Ethereum wave. This fresh Ethereum wave feels like Pokemon GO, where it wasgoed everywhere for weeks – ramping up to around two months.

The Rail Is Almost Overheen

The DAG proceeds to expand with Ethereum mining, and with the drive towards the sky ter difficulty, the revenue vanaf day proceeds to druppel. Even for my mining operation here with 60 graphics cards spread across 15 systems, I’ve seen a 30% druppel ter the last duo of weeks, but it has almost halved te the last month. Boo.

To Hold, Or Not To Hold

Waterput Your Seatbelt On

Any minor crash of Ethereum could spiral out of control at least temporarily, and when the DAG increases to the point of squeezing out anyone with less than 20-30 graphics cards, it will be fruitless to mine Ethereum on even a 6-way GPU system. I’ve got friends who are either building, have just bought, or are upgrading their PCs for mining. I wouldn’t recommend getting into Ethereum mining right now, spil the ROI isn’t there – and it won’t be coming back.

Everything is switching so quickly, with today being a day of crimson across the entire digital currency field. Give it another two weeks, and you’re going to see Ethereum mining dead for anyone with less than ten cards, and another 4-6 weeks before the surplus are squeezed out.

There might not be many Radeon and GeForce graphics cards right now, but the flood of GPUs that will kasstuk the second-hand market ter the next duo of weeks is going to be like nothing we’ve everzwijn seen before. This is going to be a fine thing for consumers, and either a regrettable thing for the ex-miners, or a pauze even point spil they leave the digital currency mining spel.

AMD and NVIDIA will no longer have gamers mad at miners because there’s a lack of stock, because stock will get replenished overheen the coming weeks and most likely won’t get to the point of where it has bot for the last few weeks.

This doesn’t mean there won’t be request, but the coming DAG increase will thrust so many fresh people out of the market, they’ll give up very quickly once they realize their revenue and profits are ripping off rapidly… making it more expensive to run the mining system/s with larger power bills to run it all 24/7.

The mining-specific cards will be futile ter the second-hand market with 90-day warranties and no display connectors, they will only be a good buy for fellow miners who want cheap mining-specific cards. But if thesis GTX 1060/RX 580 cards are selling for $249 and are let’s say two months old at the time of sale, they’d have to be something under $100 before most people would prepare to buy them.

The Canary Isn’t Dead, Yet

I don’t see cryptocurrency mining going anywhere, but it is going to be squeezed out of the mitts of mainstream use, and into the field of more serious miners. Mining won’t diegene, but it will convert. For anyone who is just getting into mining, you might not have looked at some of the available charts that voorstelling the DAG for Ethereum is ramping up quickly. Let’s take a look at the Ethereum difficulty chart, which is available on CoinWarz. This is overheen the last 30 days, and you can see here that we’re looking at almost dual the difficulty of mining Ethereum, the main driver behind the amount of Ether you mine each month pulling down significantly. Here wij have the last week, where you can see that each wave is getting fatter and thicker, and lasting long before it bounces back down.

If wij then take a look at the price of Ethereum overheen the last month, you can see it reached those massive highs of $400 from a month ago, to the slump of under $300 just before June 16. It indeed went down te the end of June to almost $200 before recovering to $300+ a few days straks, and is now below $250 once again and coming down still.

With this ter mind, please take care te the mine… it’s an titillating, but very volatile place.

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