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8 Ways to Invest ter Blockchain Without Buying Bitcoin

8 Ways to Invest in Blockchain Without Buying Bitcoin

By James Brumley, Contributing Writer | February 13, 2018

Bitcoin, for better or worse, has bot all the rage of late. Its breakneck 1,850% run te 2018 waterput the cryptocurrency on the opbergmap. Te 2018, however, Bitcoin prices have bot all overheen that opbergmap – dishing out anguish for anyone who’s not bot on the right side of the wild swings.

Most long-term-minded investors have avoided the cryptocurrency altogether, partially because digital currencies feel philosophically flawed, and partially because they wished to steer clear of all the volatility. But there’s still something compelling about the technology, even if a newcomer to cryptocurrencies can’t fairly articulate why they see a future for them.

The key to navigating the volatility and looking past the noise? Very first and foremost, understand that Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) isn’t the same thing spil blockchain. Blockchain is the underlying digital record system that makes Bitcoin “work.” It powers other digital currencies, too, and is being increasingly used te other ways, such spil improving cloud storage or keeping track of legal documents. Spil such, blockchain should be around te the future even if Bitcoin itself falls off the radar.

Here’s a run-down of some of the top ways to invest te blockchain without directly exposing your portfolio to less predictable instruments like Bitcoin itself. Thesis stocks and funds all have a stake te the future of blockchain, to varying degrees.

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Gegevens is spil of Feb. 12, 2018. Click on ticker-symbol linksaf te each slide for current share prices and more.

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8 Ways to Invest ter Blockchain Without Buying Bitcoin


Many people know Overstock.com (OSTK, $55.65) spil an online retailer that got its commence selling surplus inventory, but has expanded to fresh merchandise. What they might not know is that overheen the past few years, it has become a surprising blockchain play.

The average investor still may not fully understand exactly what Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne is attempting to accomplish with the creation of tZERO. It will be an SEC-regulated alternative trading system, with the ultimate objective of becoming a blockchain-based global property registry that becomes (among other things) a universally accepted means of supplying collateral to lenders.

With the exception of being regulated, the vision still doesn’t explain why Byrne’s take on the entire cryptocurrency craze will stand out. But it’s the less demonstrable opzicht of Byrne’s effort that’s likely to matter. Spil D.A. Davidson equity analyst Tom Forte waterput it: “Our research enhanced our conviction that, today and likely ter the near-term, Overstock stands head and shoulders above the others, when it comes to having developed a portfolio of companies with significant efforts to exploit blockchain technology.”

Veteran brief seller Marc Cohodes believes a successful execution of Byrne’s project could make Overstock shares worth inbetween $200 and $400 apiece.

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8 Ways to Invest te Blockchain Without Buying Bitcoin


It should come spil no verrassing that credit card middleman MasterCard (Moe, $168.Nineteen) is te the cryptocurrency loop. Ter many regards, MasterCard and blockchain accomplish the same thing. If blockchain is a better way of exchanging money for goods and services – without borders or currency exchange walls getting ter the way – then MasterCard has good reason to be interested. That’s why ter October, the company began to facilitate payments using blockchain-based technologies, even if Bitcoin itself wasn’t part of the ecosystem.

Te light of the company’s unique position spil one of the world’s most recognizable intermediaries inbetween spenders and vendors, it doesn’t show up MasterCard is doing much on this vuurlijn. But don’t be fooled. MasterCard is merely proceeding cautiously, waiting to see what gels on the cryptocurrency gevelbreedte.

Ter the meantime, the credit card icon is tied for 2nd te terms of the number of U.S. patents held on blockchain technologies, and recently has requested one that facilitates instant blockchain payment processing. Such a patent theoretically could permit MasterCard to opoffering consumer-held, blockchain-based credit and debit cards.

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8 Ways to Invest ter Blockchain Without Buying Bitcoin

International Business Machines

If you’re a believer ter the notion that paper money is a relic and will soon be displaced by legitimate blockchain money, think about International Business Machines (IBM, $150.58).

Yes, this is the same IBM that has bot floundering for years now, mostly missing out on the advent of cloud computing by leaning on its legacy hardware and software business for too long. It has seen the light, however. Tapping its deep pockets and talent pool, it has come up with several 21 st century products. Te fact, a latest report from Juniper Research indicated that IBM wasgoed viewed spil the most reliable name te the nascent blockchain business.

That’s going to mean a loterijlot to regulators and government agencies, spil well spil large organizations that can’t afford for their foray into the world of cryptocurrency to be anything less than volmaakt. Te fact, the relatively puny launch of its blockchain verhoging is already displaying tremendous promise. UBS says that for customers IBM already is serving te its global financing unit, the utilization of blockchain “has diminished dispute resolution time from overheen 50 to fewer than Ten days and diminished administrative costs.”

International Business Machines also employs blockchain technologies that permit for more efficient tracking of shipments, improve food safety and more. The use of the underlying technologies is limited only to IBM’s imagination.

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8 Ways to Invest te Blockchain Without Buying Bitcoin

Eastman Kodak

The Eastman Kodak (KODK, $Five.85) that became a household name by making now-obsolete camera speelfilm is still around. It found refuge ter movie speelfilm and printing, spil well spil retooling for more specialized industrial applications. Ter terms of revenue, it’s still nowhere near what it once wasgoed during its heyday ter the 1980s and ‘90s, but the advent of blockchain may breathe fresh life into this old company yet.

The knee-jerk response to the recently unveiled KodakCoin may be concern that yet another wannabe is leaping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon with no clear picture of what it hopes to accomplish. But there’s a method to the madness. Kodak aims to cultivate a digital currency that not only facilitates the payments for photographers’ pictures that should drive royalty revenue for them, but also uses blockchain to ensure those photographs aren’t being used without the owner’s permission.

Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke explained: “For many te the tech industry, ‘blockchain’ and ‘cryptocurrency’ are hot buzzwords, but for photographers who’ve long struggled to assert control overheen their work and how it’s used, thesis buzzwords are the keys to solving what felt like an unsolvable problem. Kodak has always sought to democratize photography and make licensing fair to artists. Thesis technologies give the photography community an innovative and effortless way to do just that.”

The digital photography market could be worth more than $100 billion vanaf year by 2021, yet still is akin to the Wild Westelijk when it comes to collecting payments for use of those pics.

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