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PureConnect Voeling Center by Genesys, Genesys

PureConnect Contact Center by Genesys, Genesys

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Customer Interaction Center (CIC)

for both Premise and Cloud (CaaS)

PureConnect Voeling Center Software for Mid-Sized to Large Businesses

Customer support has switched so much overheen the past decade that it is almost unrecognizable.

Good service is no longer nice to have, te the connected world it is essential. The contraptions you choose matter more than everzwijn spil you work to treat enlargening fountains overheen expanding communication channels with shrinking response times.

Even if you already have a voeling center you may still face:

  • Managing four (or more) different systems to accomplish customer requests
  • Reports from numerous systems with manual interpretation and consolidation that never stops because the information is te too many different places
  • Conflicting responses to customers across channels (phone, talk, email) because they are separate contraptions on different teams
  • Any switches, whether large or petite, mean going back your IT team (or worse, an outside fucking partner?)

PureConnect is a unique all-in-one multichannel engagement suggesting that is elementary to administer, lithe and tailorable with comprehensive services for mid-sized to large organizations–available to run both on-premise or ter the cloud.

Both Premise and Cloud Versions Have The Same Superb Features

Connect with your customers with multichannel routing&ndash,phone, email, talk, digital channels, even screenshare and movie and co-browsing. Of course PureConnect has voice self-service, excellent integrated routing devices, and outbound dialing with industry-leading detection. It also offers a range of integrations with Salesforce and other CRM implements.

Manage your teams with supervisor views and implements. Workforce management (WFO/WFM), with quality management, recordings, skills-based routing. If you have structured processes, PurecConnect has custom-made process devices to go further and quicker with Interaction Process Automation (IPA).

PureConnect is built to integrate with all your other systems. Wij have off-the-shelf integrations with CRMs from Salesforce to Oracle to Microsoft, with many workforce management contraptions, and with all kinds of communications systems. If you have structured processes, PureConnect has custom-made process contraptions to go further and swifter with Interaction Process Automation (IPA) or Eccentex Case Management.

Understand your business better with real-time and historical reports that extend across voice and digital channels. Now, you can see how your customers are truly using your systems. Total gegevens integration with your third-party CRM implements makes them work better, too.

PureConnect Cloud Customers Also Have:

  • Your own instances of the application&mdash,single-tenant hosting
  • The option to keep voice traffic and recordings on your internal network
  • Control overheen timing of upgrades
  • Options to use existing telco and voice infrastructure
  • Certifications and processes to meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements

If you want cloud but you&rsquo,re not done with premise solutions, wij can ease you into the cloud. You can also run a hybrid specimen where you have some parts te your datacenter and others te the cloud so you have plasticity to budge services to match your needs.

PureConnect is Just Right For Small-to-Mid-Sized Businesses

Developed overheen many years working with thousands of customers, PureConnect is enormously pliable and can treat almost any routing or team requirements you have.

PureConnect admin instruments let you run your own system and make switches on your schedule.

Genesys offers superb support options to customize PureConnect on top of the army of existing fucking partners and off-the-shelf integrations. You&rsquo,re not ter this alone!

Wij know how to stage your installation so that there is minimal disruption spil you adopt this powerful system. Your success is assured.

Opinions from Industry Analysts Back it up

If you need some independent evaluations to sell PureConnect within your organization, here you go:

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