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Innovative cloud mining with the HashHive project and its ongoing ICO, NewsBTC

Innovative cloud mining with the HashHive project and its ongoing ICO, NewsBTC

Cloud mining is the process of extracting of cryptocurrency, using a remote gegevens center. Using services that provide cloud mining will permit you to receive income without significant investment, ter tegenstelling to traditional mining, since the cryptocurrency is extracted on the company equipment that is installed remotely. However, how to choose such a service among many others, with the help of which you can get income without big risks when investing? Very first of all, to examine how the service works.

How does cloud mining work within the HashHive project?

Very first of all, you need to register an account ter HashHive service and get into your individual account. Then, the user buys for fiat money or cryptocurrency a certain amount of hash-power, which starts to make a profit instantaneously. Subsequently, every day your balance charges with earned cryptocurrency, which you can reinvest by purchasing of extra hash-power, or simply accumulate it. Spil the user’s account accumulates a certain amount, you can withdraw it to your crypto wallet, and then exchange withdrawn cryptocurrency for fiat money through one of the exchanges.

When choosing one of cloud mining services, it is necessary to investigate the technologies and equipment, which are used within each of them, spil this is almost the key success factor.

Technologies and equipment of the HashHive project

HashHive uses modern equipment and technologies, which significantly reduces the cost of hash-power. The project’s cooperation with large companies for the supply of immersion equipment, spil well spil equipment for generating tens unit, permits HashHive to use:

  • advanced immersion cooling system for mining servers, with the help of which servers consume less power due to removal server ventilatoren and lower component temperatures, and the cost of building gegevens center become several times lower, because the system can be deployed ter an unprocessed nude case, such spil warehouse, without capital-intensive air conditioning equipment,
  • very effective gas zuiger engine spil a source of primary and backup power, prime cost of power generation from which significantly less than from buying electro-therapy through networks, so it will permit to save money,
  • modern immersion equipment with the use of GPU chips for mining of cryptocurrency, which, unlike to ASIC chips, have a longer service life, permit you to mine all altcoins, and practically do not lose ter value,
  • various algorithms for mining of cryptocurrencies, such spil NeoScrypt, Lyra2REv2, DaggerHashimoto, Equihash, X11, Sia, Decred and some others,
  • mining of various cryptocurrencies, such spil Ethereum, Zcash, DASH, SiaCoin, Decred (DCR), Monero, for diversification of risks.

Also it is very significant to pay an attention to the composition of the project’s team when choosing a service that provides cloud mining.

The HashHive project’s team

Only the professionals worked on the project! It should be especially noted the founders of HashHive, who wields the idea of the project and its implementation. So, the CEO and founder of HashHive Limited is Fedotov Evgenii – an engineer by profession, specializes ter automated information processing and management systems, and for the past three years has bot closely involved ter the probe of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Within his duties, he is responsible for the technical aspects of the company, is an experienced te hardware, network infrastructure, and energy supply of the enterprise.

The 2nd founder of the project and a leading IT developer of HashHive – Shelemetev Alexander. He has an practice te web programming and vormgeving for more than Ten years. Te addition, Alexander is an off the hook author on ThemeForest, and has nominations for Awwwards and CSS Vormgeving Awards.

Another co-founder of HashHive Limited is Elin Stanislav, who is an accomplished te the field of autonomous information and management systems, an experienced ter issues related to the mining of cryptocurrency, software and improvement of equipment for mining, an active cryptocurrency entrepreneur with extensive practice ter the field of blockchain technology. Stanislav manages the process of building relationships with clients and employees of the company, acts spil advisor on marketing strategies.

Plans of the HashHive’s team

The creators of the project have an ambitious plans! They are not going to zekering at the work of one gegevens center, and project to create a entire decentralized network of gegevens centers on the territory of Russia and CIS countries. Thesis gegevens centers, ter addition to cloud mining, will also specialize on such tasks spil web hosting, neural networks, spel servers, movie rendering, rekentuig graphics, calculations for research projects. Thus, HashHive will merge all of its gegevens centers into a decentralized supercomputer!

ICO for the implementation of the plans

To achieve the set goals, it wasgoed determined to use the ICO mechanism. During the ICO HashHive is going to attract investments of up to $ 30 million. Most of the funds received will be used to purchase equipment. So, according to the project’s ROI, introduced ter the Whitepaper, provided that within the ICO HashHive will successfully collect $ 30 million of investment and will purchase a certain amount of equipment for this money, then within Five months, the company will reach its project capacity. All of this will permit holders of the project’s tokens during thesis Five months to receive prizes ter proportion to the number of tokens te their wallets, and afterwards – exchange them to hash-power of cloud mining te HashHive service with a discount of 50%, or withdraw funds and use them at own discretion.

HashHive ICO began on November 20 and will last until December Nineteen. Learn more about the ICO conditions and project tokens on the official webstek of HashHive, where Whitepaper is introduced, or on the pages of the project ter all popular social networks.


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