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Genesis Mining Review, Ethereum cloud mining, Promo code

Genesis Mining Review, Ethereum cloud mining, Promo code

Te this Genesis Mining reviews, wij will analyze the company with regards to the contract price, maintenance toverfee, profitability, payouts, security, and transparency. Wij will compare Genesis Mining to other cloud mining companies and you can also read our other cloud mining reviews.

Cloud mining has bot under fire ter the cryptocurrency communities around the globe. Most of the traders and investors call the investment proposition a scam scheme, where no profit is possible and providers look to rip the crypto owners off. Cloud mining wasgoed a popular form of investment during 2018. Read more about what will toebijten to cloud mining during 2018.

Albeit there are platforms that have turned out to be frauds, wij disagree with such opinion. Proof of our keuze is Genesis Mining toneel, alongside with several others, who turned out to be legitimate businesses. Stay tuned spil wij review the Genesis Mining ter terms of cloud investment products, maintenance fees, and potential profitability.

General Information about Toneelpodium

Founded ter 2013 by the cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the Genesis Mining became one of the world’s very first cloud mining platforms. The mining farms were built te several regions of the world, permanently enhancing the capacity of the operations, spil well spil cryptos that are supported by the company. The company is based te Hong Kong while locations of the mining sites remain secret due to the security reasons.

Their services are available globally, spil you only need a credit card to purchase suggested plans. Thesis cloud mining plans are worried with several crypto coins, them being bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and Zcash, spil shown below.

You are not required to verify your identity at any point, spil registration is enough to commence the program. You should also be aware that thesis plans are not infinite since company boundaries the number of clients that can purchase the program. Thus, many times out-of-stock situation may toebijten for several coins, especially bitcoin.

The plans were set for unlimited just a few months ago but now are constrained to two years.

Bitcoin Mining Coin programs

The bitcoin cloud mining program uses SHA256 algorithm through specialized ASIC-Hardware to mine BTCs. The maintenance toverfee stands at USD 0.00028 vanaf GH/s on daily ondergrond. There are three mining plans to choose from, them being:

– Gold project: 100 GH/s for a price of $30

– Platinum project: Two.000 GH/s for a price of $350

– Diamond project: Ten.000 GH/s for a price of $1.950

Litecoin Cloud Mining

The Litecoin project uses Scrypt algorithm for mining, while equipment used, just like with bitcoin, is specialized ASIC hardware. There are no maintenance fees for Litecoin programs, spil to increase the attraction of the overeenkomst.

– Gold project: Two MH/s for a price of $28

– Platinum project: 50 MH/s for a price of $650

– Diamond project: 200 MH/s for a price of $Two.400

Ethereum Cloud Mining

Ethereum is the 2nd most popular mining product after bitcoins at Genesis Mining, mine with the help of brainy contracts. The contract lasts for two years and there are no maintenance fees if you choose this program.

– Puny project: 1 MH/s for a price of $29,99

– Medium project: 30 MH/s for a price of $869

– Large project: 100 MH/s for a price of $Two.799

Zcash Cloud Mining

Zcash is mined through Equihash algorithm while maintenance fees do not apply spil well. DASH currency also offers a set of three plans spil introduced below.

– Petite project: 25 H/s for a price of $47,99

– Medium project: 250 H/s for a price of $459

– Large project: Two.500 H/s for a price of $Four.399

DASH Cloud Mining

The DASH mining program is supported by mining operations that use X11 proof-of-work algorithm. Also comes without maintenance fees.

– Gemini project: Five MH/s for a price of $30

– Ferox project: 100 MH/s for a price of $500

– Graviton project: 500 MH/s for a price of $Two.250

Monero Cloud Mining

Monero is presently the only available coin program at Genesis Mining, spil all other cryptos have bot sold out. This digital currency is mined with the use of proof-of-work algorithm known spil CryptoNight, while no maintenance fees are charged for the program.

Presently, you have a choice of three separate programs or a custom-made one, depending on your needs. Thesis programs are:

– Blaine: 1.000 H/s for $830

– Dynamo: Trio.000 H/s for $Two.460

– Houdini: 9.000 H/s for $7.200

– Custom-made (you set the hash rate you want with the ondergrens being 1.000 H/s and maximum 15.000 H/s, spil shown below).

The daily payments are made through Monero coins, and you would receive them each day until the end of the contract period.

Is Cloud Mining Program Profitable?

To decently investigate the proposition, wij made a two-year calculation based on current situation ter the Monero market. Other coin plans are still unavailable for purchase, thus the profit analysis shall be conducted on Monero programs only.

Wij use gegevens about mining difficulty of Monero from www.whattomine.com tho’ wij benchmarked the numbers around with other platforms spil well. The selling price of Monero is from Poloniex and several other exchanges where the coins can be sold. For the daily mined coins, you can use online platforms, specifying how much Monero you would get with given hash power.

Genesis Mining Profitability

Maintenance Fees (daily)

Total Cost vanaf Day (Two years)

Mined Coins (Two years)

Mined Coins (vanaf day)

Revenue Value (vanaf day)

Profit/Loss (Two years)

The crux is this – by the current market gegevens, you will get your invested money back ter 289 days while the overall day profit ranges from $Two.87 to $43.65, depending on the chosen project. The overall ROI for Two years is 250%, enlargening towards 265% according to the current market and difficulty trends. To summarize, you DO make money using Genesis Mining for the given market trends and Monero sells value.

You should take into account risks associated with cloud mining. The very first is the enlargening difficulty of the Monero mining, meaning that each fresh day will bring you fewer coins, thus less profit. The value of the coin itself can go down further lowering your profit spil well.


Since its opening ter 2013, Genesis Mining grew steadily ter mining operations and customer number. The locations of the fresh mining farms, spil well spil their number, is not clear, spil the company keeps the gegevens hidden due to the security reasons. Thus, wij have almost no known history of the company, which might point towards potential fraud ter the future.

Pros and Cons

– project contract lasts for Two years

– no verification of identity needed

– globally available service

– large hash power available for Monero

– number of contracts out of stock

– beginning project above $100 level

– no history information regarding the toneel


Payouts are made on the daily onderstel, voiced n cryptocurrencies. It means that you will get cryptos themselves spil if you have mined them personally. Each day there is a payout, however company reserves the right to switch the pattern if needed.


Overall, the limited number of contracts available for traders does have its drawbacks, spil you can invest only ter Monero plans. The good news is that ROI is 250% according to the current market gegevens regarding coin’s value and mining difficulty.

Keep te mind that Two years is an awfully long period of time and a loterijlot can toebijten ter that period. You might end up with a good overeenkomst or you might even make a loss instead of a profit.

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