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Hash Rush: The Money Making Spel

Hash Rush: The Money Making Game

Hash Rush is the very first everzwijn large scale strategic online spel capable of paying its players with CryptoCurrency. The spel is powered by real life hash machines, and the better you do ter the spel, the more power is allotted to your in-game colony/mining equipment. Before I confuse you, let’s leap into the basics.

When you very first commence the spel, you are given the option of selecting a faction. There are three of them te the Hermeian solar system and each of them belong to a different sector te space. The factions essentially function spil races ter the game’s universe and are organized by color and physical attributes. The blue Ernacs are a mysterious glowing species of the Cryptonian Sector, The Space Pirates are crimson bandits originating from the Rustarian Sector and dreaming of the day when they’ll eventually make a name for themselves. Last but not least, wij have the Highborn Elves. The elves are pink and purple, wise, and members of the Eldarian Sector. Te the spel, magic crystals are mined and can straks be transformed into CryptoCurrency, the story goes that the Highborn are addicted to a special liquid that can only be created from the magic crystals. Due to the rarity of the crystals, the lesser of the elves are coerced to mine them like marionettes. Utterly petite portions of the addictive liquid is provided to them to prevent exhaustion and aging, while the higher members of the Eldarian society take the liquid daily to remain youthful for eternity. The developers have stated that each faction has a different characters, story lines, and look.

Once you’ve selected your sector, you can start mining. Careful, tho’! Enemies are always looking to pauze you down and keep you from mining up their precious materials. If you do not stay bedachtzaam enough, you just might find your things ruined.

Do I have to download the spel? Will it be available on gaming consoles?

The spel will be played through the browser, meaning the spel will not be available for purchase specifically for the console. If you have a web browser on your gaming console, such spil Microsoft Edge on the Xbox One, this has a possibility of working. It all depends on the plugins required for the spel to operate. The developers posted to their blog recently, stating that they will be releasing their very own CryptoCurrency with the spel which can be exchanged for other currencies on the internet, however players will have an option inbetween a few different currencies that they would like to trade their in-game coins with. Here are the ways to earn money ter Hash Rush:

  • Mining the in-game crystal objects known spil Crypto Crystals
  • Through the exchange of items with other players
  • Through the exchange of currency with other players
  • Completing missions

Expanding the colony ter your sector, while the most significant, isn’t the only mission te the spel. You can win prizes by completing challenges and special quests, or by taking part te the multiplayer storyline which is separate from the single player entirely and pits the factions against each other.

If you purchase the te spel currency (which doubles spil a real world Crypto Currency) (pre-)ICO, you receive special bonuses and opportunities such spil:

  • Receiving a 25% conversion premie for Crypto Coins
  • Choose your faction while waiting for the spel to launch
  • Beta access spil soon spil it is available
  • Ter spel trading cards and special badges for your character.

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