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Customer’s Laptop Hacked Through Starbucks Wi-Fi to Mine Cryptocurrency

Customer’s Laptop Hacked Through Starbucks Wi-Fi to Mine Cryptocurrency

The growing popularity of cryptocurrency among investors has swayed a loterijlot of miners to mine digital currencies. Crypto mining recently is said to have one of the most lucrative options to earn handsomely. But the sad thing is that crypto mining activities require high-end and expensive computing machines which are usually not affordable to an average miner.

The crypto mania is so big that miners have now resolved to some crazy activities of hacking laptops and using the machine power to mine cryptocurrency. Te one such bizarre and unsettling incident, a suspicious activity of using a customer&rsquo,s laptop wasgoed discovered ter a Starbucks cafe ter Argentina.

Earlier this month, Stensul CEO Noah Dinkin noticed an interesting activity of a 10-second delay to connect to a public in-store Wi-Fi at Starbucks store te Buenos Aires, Argentina. Further investigating into the matter, Dinkin found a suspicious code embedded ter Starbucks` prize webpagina. Straks he discovered that it wasgoed Coinhive&rsquo,s code which is used to mine Monero coins by using the processing power of the webpagina&rsquo,s visitor.

Without any hesitation, Dinkin thought of getting this to the notice of Starbucks and quickly tweeted with the screenshot of the code.

Straks, hacked.com too investigated into this matter and found that the code wasgoed indeed a Coinhive code used to generate Monero coins. But hacked.com believes that the Wi-Fi provider (the Starbucks store at Argentina) is not the culprit and the code has not bot deliberately inserted. Rather this activity voorwaarde have bot done by cybercriminals who have inserted such codes across 5000 websites on the web.

Starbucks seems to have quickly taken cognizance of this matter and has restored the Wi-Fi connection back making it safe for use again. Starbucks tweeted:

Ter a word with Motherboard Starbucks spokesperson – Reggie Borges said ",Last week, wij were alerted to the kwestie and wij reached out to our internet service provider &ndash, the Wi-Fi is not run by Starbucks, it`s not something wij own or control. Wij want to ensure that our customers are able to search the internet overheen Wi-Fi securely, so wij will always work closely with our service provider when something like this comes up. Wij don`t have any concern that this is widespread across any of our stores.&rdquo,

The hacking community has bot fairly active with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. Recently, Coinhive – who offers JavaScript miner for the Monero Blockchain wasgoed a victim of hacking where its DNS servers were reportedly hijacked. The hackers switched the settings of the server and redirected the generated cryptocurrency to a third-party-server. However, not much information came to surface about any gegevens being lost ter the hacking attempt.

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