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Customer Service – Bitcoin Mining te Canada, Mining Buster

Customer Service - Bitcoin Mining in Canada, Mining Buster

Some of your Questions:

Q. Why do I need a membership?

It is te our philosophy to permit a maximum of people to conveniently access the world of crypto mining. Therefore, instead of selling an expensive project for cloud mining, with our membership, you begin crypto mining lightly, with lower costs and no maintenance or hidden fees, for the period of time you determine. By doing so wij also ensure our members of the availability of the hashing power you desire and the member gets all the mining benefits directly. You also get a referral toverfee when you provide us with a fresh client. Ultimately, spil a member, you don’t have to go online all the time to see if hashing power is available. Wij tell you when fresh power is available. This is how mining is made effortless !

Q. Can I purchase a membership or mining project with Bitcoin?

For the ogenblik, wij only accept USD te payment for membership or mining project. However, wij are working hard to grant you access to purchase items on our webpagina with Bitcoin ter a near future.

Q. Can I mine other digital currency?

For the ogenblik, wij only opoffering the possibility to mine bitcoins. However, wij project to offerande this possibility ter the future.

Q. Is it effortless to access my bitcoin and its equivalence te other currency?

You can access bitcoin through a bitcoin wallet and they can be either used to buy services or product with any merchant accepting bitcoins or you can exchange them for a regular currency online or through certain exchanging point te most cities.

Q.Can I receive my benefits te USD or other currency?

Spil of now, wij distribute your benefits ter Bitcoin. Afterwards, you can convert it spil vanaf your needs.

Q. When can I specie te the benefits generated from mining ?

Mining Buster Inc. makes payouts five (Five) business days after the end of each period of thirty (30) days after the beginning of a mining contract.

Q. What happens to my project if mining bitcoin is not profitable anymore?

Spil bitcoin difficulty rise and hashing power profitability drops, so will our monthly fees. Wij want to make sure that your benefits stays the same. If, for any reasons, bitcoin mining becomes a losing spel, wij keep the right to cease suggesting mining power for an unterminated period of time.

Q. Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Membership are yearly and refundable only within 30 days. Please read our Refund Policy for more information.

Q. Can I cancel my project mid-term?

You can cancel your project at any time during the month. However, you won’t be entitled to a refund of the monthly payment two (Two) days after your purchase. You will get your benefits until the end of the month you paid for. Please read our Refund Policy for more information.

Q. Why aren’t you sold out?

Wij have a manufacturing agreement that gives us access to a almost onveranderlijk supply of miners. Wij may be sold out from time to time, but our aim is to offerande our services with the least amount of waiting time for our members.

Q. What toebijten if I buy more hashing power during the month?

Each purchase of hashing power is a separate contract. Therefore, if you purchase more hashing power te the course of an actual month, it will be calculated separately and the benefits generated by such extra power will be remitted spil if it wasgoed a fresh purchase (30 days after purchase).

Q. How can I see where am I with my benefits?

You can access your earnings ter real time on the user instrumentenbord.

Q. Is there a specific bitcoin wallet I need to be a member at MiningBuster?

You can use any bitcoin wallet spil our toneel works with all of them.

Q. Where can I find a bitcoin wallet?

Different wallets are suggested online (for exemple blokchain.informatie

Q. Is there a limit of hashing power I can rent?

There is a limit to the number of hashing power you can rent te any one order, but you can do spil many order spil you want, spil long there is still hashing power left to rent. For example, you can’t rent Ten 000 hash power ter one order, but you could, if it’s available, do Ten orders of 1000 hash power.

Q. I have seen that the elite project has a priority while reserving hashing power, how does it work?

Ter the eventuality one of our member determine to let go his mining power, it will be suggested to our members very first. Elite members will have the capability to rent it very first. After a month, it will also be suggested to the privileged members. After another month, the starter members will then have the possibility to rent it.

Q. Spil a starter project, will I everzwijn be able to reserve hashing power?

Of course! At all time, a ondergrens of ten (Ten) procent of the available hashing power will be suggested to the starter project members.

Q. What is hashing power?

Hashing power is the term wij use to define a unit of power that represent a portion of our mining fleet capability to mine Bitcoin. It is the smallest unit of power wij opoffering.

Q. Why are there taxes on my membership/rental payment?

Since wij are based te Canada, wij are ter the obligation to charge GST for services given online for Canadian residents only.

Q. If my project is not profitable, what can I do?

Our verhoging works te real time where the miners will be mining whether or not the cryptocurrency is profitable. Considering the variations ter the market and the complexity of mining, you will get te any event your benefits at the end of the month. The benefits becomes your property and from there, you can determine to keep them and wait for its value to raise.

Q.Is my credit card information safe?

Wij manage every transaction with Stripe wich is an independent broker like PayPal. Wij won’t keep any credit card information te our database. A security breach on our side will never result te your credit cards information being stolen.

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