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Cryptocurrency Wallets: All you need to know! » Blockchain WTF

Cryptocurrency Wallets: All you need to know! » Blockchain WTF

Storing your cryptocurrency on a wallet

Wallets are an essential factor of wielding and investing ter cryptocurrencies of any sort. Wallets for digital currencies are very similar to wallets for your hard, in-hand currencies, like dollars or euros, just a digitized version of your canap account. They are used to buy and store your crypto, and send your crypto to others.

Using exchanges is not always omschrijving to storing your cryptocurrencies ter a wallet. Keeping your money on an exchange can cause good vulnerabilities to your holdings. This is because exchanges are always online, and you do not own the keys when on an exchange. Exchanges are the easiest to hack, and often are. They can also crash, and leave you ter a difficult position with price fluctuations, or cancel your account and seize your funds, a quality that wallets do not have. Some exchanges, like Coinbase, also function spil digital wallets.

If you are holding onto your crypto for longer periods, you certainly do not want to hold them ter certain wallets that are more vulnerable to attacks. Thesis would be hot wallets, and online web wallets or mobile wallets. Hot wallets are ones that are lightly connected to the internet, and therefore accessible through the internet anywhere (albeit, they are not always connected to the internet). Hot storage wallets are much more susceptible to attacks and hackers because of this and the wallet being stored somewhere online. Cold storage wallets, which are not connected to the internet, would be better for the purpose of storing cryptocurrencies for long term purposes. The types of wallets you will need will vary based on what you planned to do with your cryptocurrencies, like holding long-term, or trading more frequently. (You can read more about hot storage and cold storage wallets below.)

Wallets for cryptocurrencies can come te different forms, with different levels of security and pros and cons for using them. The main two are hardware and software wallets, and also the variations of hot storage or cold storage, but there are other kinds spil well that typically fall within one of thesis categories.

Below wij explain different types of wallets, so you can grow an understanding and determine which one will be the best for you! You can also visit our pages for hardware wallets, software wallets, and online web wallet interfaces and generators for more information on those types specifically. Wij will be publishing various types of wallet reviews te the coming future!

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