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Bitcoin price LIVE: Coin rises while meme – Dogecoin – hits $1 BILLION, City & Business, Finance

Bitcoin price LIVE: Coin rises while meme - Dogecoin - hits $1 BILLION, City & Business, Finance

BITCOIN’S price is rising spil parody internet meme suggesting shocks the crypto community by hitting $1.Two billion.

Two.02pm – UPDATE – Bitcoin hits $16k

The price of coin has eventually returned to $16,000 after a pathetic fresh year period.

The coin succesnummer $1,625 this afternoon before pulling down back to $15,941 at time of press.

However the news this week is all about Ripple – the next cryptocurrency believed to pauze records among virtual wallet holders after bitcoin.

Ripple prices have soared te the past month, hammering Ethereum ter the cryptocurrency competition with bitcoin.

He said: &ldquo,Wij&rsquo,re going to be adding Ripple, wij&rsquo,re going to be adding Manero, wij&rsquo,re going to be adding other digital currencies that have their own blockchains and never did this ICO, Initial Coin Suggesting, with the exception of Ethereum.”

He added: &ldquo,Ripple is very first ter line.&rdquo,

The rising cryptocurrency has skyrocketed by more than 1,000 vanaf cent since the commence of December 2018, when it wasgoed trading at about $0.24.

12.21pm – UPDATE – Parody cryptocurrency now valued at overheen $1bn

A cryptocurrency suggesting called ‘Dogecoin’, created te 2013 inspired by internet meme of Shiba Inu dogs with nonsense neon captions has reached a market value of more than $1.2bn (£,900m).

After a long period of stagnation, dogecoin has enhanced ter value more than five-fold ter the last month spil the rente te cryptocurrencies has exploded.

Jackson Palmer told Coindesk, a webstek that tracks cryptocurrency news and prices, that he had faith te the development team behind dogecoin&rsquo,s technology, but that it &ldquo,says a lotsbestemming about the state of the cryptocurrency space te general that a currency with a dog on it which hasn’t released a software update te overheen two years has a $1bn-plus market cap&rdquo,.

He added that the fact that most conversations about cryptocurrencies te the media concern investment and the potential to make money &ldquo,draws attention away from the underlying technology and goals this movement wasgoed based on”.

11.32am – UPDATE – Bitcoin closing te on $16k

The price of bitcoin is at $15,962 (£,11,789) at the time of press, with Ethereum at $1,020 ($753).

Fresh kid on the crypto block Ripple has seem price soar ter the past month, helping it usurp ethereum spil the 2nd largest cryptocurrency on the market after bitcoin. But why is Ripple rising and should you invest te XRP overheen bitcoin?

Trevor Koverko, CEO of blockchain verhoging Polymath, believes investors are choosing to back Ripple because they trust the brand.

He told Forbes: “People feel comfy with its name and the technology behind Ripple.

“A loterijlot of people are beginning to realise how big of an chance there is inbetween business and the blockchain. and that’s making Ripple the early winner here.”

DogeCoin is worth $1.Two billion

Ten.23am – UPDATE – Don’t leave behind to pay your taxes!

Crypto exchange and wallet service provider Coinbase is hoping to avoid negative headlines by prompting bitcoin holders to reminisce their tax obligations on the money made overheen the last year.

With bitcoin’s price having risen 1100 vanaf cent overheen, holders will have to pay capital gains tax (or the omschrijving of) on the profits made during the tax year.

Coinbase users are now faced with a banner placed at the top of their instrumentenbord, stating “Please recall to pay your taxes,” and linking to the webstek’s freshly updated tax FAQ pagina.

The FAQ points out that Coinbase “cannot provide legal or tax advice,” but linksom to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines on how to report and pay taxes relating to crypto trading.

A similar banner is also now visible for users te the EU.

Last month it wasgoed confirmed that bitcoin will be taxed following a dizzying year of price rises and falls, industry experts have warned spil the volatile cryptocurrency resumes moving towards the mainstream.

Laatstgeborene Dives, CEO of London Block Exchange told Express.co.uk: &ldquo,Te this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. Cryptocurrency may be fresh and unique, but it is not exempt from tax liability.&rdquo,

9.26am – UPDATE – Bitcoin up $500 on the day so far

Bitcoin has succesnummer $15,844 at the time of press. The price rise represents $573 growth on the day so far.

The Big black cock has exposed how companies are attempting to piggyback the Bitcoin boom by putting blockchain ter their name simply to attract investment.

Companies have seen their share prices rocket after adding the cryptocurrency phrase to their name spil people desperate for a lump of the Bitcoin boom invest.

Ovum principal analyst, David Bannister, said: &ldquo,If somebody puts blockchain te their name or their reclame then people are going to hop on that.

Adding: &ldquo,People will say &lsquo,that&rsquo,s the sort of thing I am looking for because I&rsquo,ve heard there are good comes back&rsquo, and that is what everyone is looking for.&rdquo,

Bitcoin is vapid at the commence of the day

7.51am – UPDATE – Price constant spil Ethereum joins $1000 club

Bitcoin is back below the $15k mark at the embark of the day registering, at the time of press, a price of $14,963 (£,11032).

Ethereum is up at $1064 (£,785) after reaching its all-time high yesterday.

Mark Zuckerberg used his own webpagina to write about Bitcoin technology te a long postbode on the problem of the internet becoming too centralised, and managed by a few gigantic companies that include Facebook itself. This problem is ter tegenstelling to people’s vision that the web could be the volmaakt way of distributing and decentralising power, he said.

“A loterijlot of us got into technology because wij believe it can be a decentralizing force that puts more power ter people’s palms. (The very first four words of Facebook’s mission have always bot “give people the power”.)

“Back ter the 1990s and 2000s, most people believed technology would be a decentralizing force,” he wrote te a long postbode.

“But today, many people have lost faith ter that promise. With the rise of a puny number of big tech companies &mdash, and governments using technology to observe their citizens &mdash, many people now believe technology only centralizes power rather than decentralizes it.”

Mr Zuckerberg said the solution might be found ter bitcoin and similar technology.

Adding: “There are significant counter-trends to this &ndash, like encryption and cryptocurrency &ndash, that take power from centralized systems and waterput it back into people’s mitts.

“But they come with the risk of being stiffer to control. I’m interested to go deeper and investigate the positive and negative aspects of thesis technologies, and how best to use them ter our services.”

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