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Thesis Terms of Service apply to the use of the HashFlare.io Cloud Mining Service and HashFlare Webstek located at hashflare.io and its subdomains. The Webstek and the Service are the property of HashFlare LP.

They set out how the HashFlare.io Cloud Hosted Cryptocurrency Mining Service works and describe any associated rights and responsibilities. The HashFlare.io Terms of Service and any instructions, guidance and similar information found on the Webstek (from time to time) also apply to how you use the HashFlare.io Cloud Mining Service (together the “Agreement”). BY USING THE Webstek AND/OR THE SERVICE, YOU AGREE TO Thesis TERMS OF SERVICE, IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT USE THE Webpagina AND/OR THE SERVICE.

HashFlare reserves the right, at its foot discretion, to amend, switch, modify, add or eliminate portions of thesis Terms of Service, at any time. It is your responsibility to check thesis Terms periodically for switches. The current version of thesis Terms is available at https://hashflare.io/terms. Your continued use of the Webstek and/or the Service following the published updates to the Terms will mean that you accept and agree to the switches. Spil long spil you agree and conform with thesis Terms, HashFlare grants you a private, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited privilege to come in and use the Webstek and the Service.

HashCoins OU provides technical support, development and marketing of HashFlare and its subdomains.


1.1. This is an agreement (referred to spil ",Terms",) inbetween Hashflare LP (also referred to te thesis Terms spil ",HashFlare",, ",HF",, ",wij",, ",us", or ",our",) and you (also referred to ter thesis Terms spil ",Customer",, ",you",, ",your",), the person accessing and using the HashFlare.io cloud mining service and accepting thesis Terms.

1.Two. Te thesis Terms:

1.Two.1. a reference to ",Cryptocurrency",, ",Cryptocurrencies", is a reference to the distributed, decentralized peer-to-peer digital currencies:

1.Two.1.1. ",Bitcoins", is a reference to a Cryptocurrency known spil Bitcoin,

1.Two.1.Two. ",Altcoins", is a reference to all Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, such spil Litecoin,

1.Two.Two. ",Miners", are individuals who register to mine Bitcoins and/or Altcoins with a Cloud Machine. If you successfully apply to administer a Cloud Machine, you will be a Miner,

1.Two.Trio. a ",Mining Pool", is an organized association of Cryptocurrencies miners. The members of thesis associations work together to mine Cryptocurrencies and those Cryptocurrencies are distributed amongst the membership based on the contribution made to the mining by each member,

1.Two.Four. the ",Mining Hardware", is the pc hardware wielded by HF that is used to provide the Service and to mine Cryptocurrencies,

1.Two.Five. ",Hashrate", or ",Hash rate", is the mining power of the Mining Hardware used to mine Cryptocurrencies. Hashrate is mining algorithm specific (SHA-256, Scrypt, X11 etc),

1.Two.6. ",Cloud Machine", is the processing power of the Service purchased by a Miner and administered by a Miner using the Webstek,

1.Two.7. ",Service", is HF’s cloud hosted mining service, which enables individuals to remotely mine Cryptocurrencies for themselves using our Mining Hardware and the Webstek,

1.Two.8. the ",Support", or ",Customer Support", or ",Helpdesk", is the technical support service of HashFlare that is provided via email/toegangsbewijs system, available ter the HashFlare skill base/FAQ at http://support.hashflare.io where Customers can find answers to general questions and request assistance by submitting a request,

1.Two.9. the ",Panel", is the graphical user interface of the Service, with which the Miner interacts to perform all deeds related to the Service,

1.Two.Ten. the ",Webstek", is hashflare.io and any apps, software, emails or other websites which wij use to provide the services of hashflare.io (which includes the Service),

1.Two.11. a ",Payout", is the periodic deposit to your Balance, dependent on your Cloud Machine. HashFlare may switch the periodicity of Payouts at any time, to a maximum of once vanaf 24 hours,

1.Two.12. ",Fees", are maintenance and violet wand fees, charged daily from the Balance,

1.Two.13. ",Account", is your private access to the Service, described further ter section 6,

1.Two.14. ",Balance", is your private Account balance,

1.Two.15. a ",Contract", is the access to a Cloud Machine of specific Hash rate,

1.Two.16. a ",Contract Term", is the period of time for which a Miner has agreed to pay to administer a Cloud Machine, by default, HF provides lifetime Contracts that do not have an expiry date, unless stated otherwise,

1.Two.17. ",Hold", is the state an Account can be placed te that prevents the said Account to make any withdrawals, used spil a security measure,

1.Two.Legal. a ",Pre-order", is a Contract with a begin date ter the future. Embark date is estimated and is subject to switch,

1.Two.Nineteen. the ",Referral Program", or ",Fucking partner Program", is the functionality that permits a Customer to receive financial prizes for Contracts purchased by other Customers,

1.Two.20. a ",Referral Code", is an alphanumerical sequence (at least 6 characters long) that is linked to a Customer’s Account,

1.Two.21. a ",Referral Listig", is the URL with a Referral Code, that permits a fresh Customer to register with HashFlare,

1.Two.22. a ",Referral", is a Customer who registered by using another Customer’s Referral Verbinding,

1.Two.23. a ",Referrer", is a Customer who had another Customer register using their Referral Verbinding,

1.Two.24. a ",Referral Purchase", or ",Referred Purchase", is a purchase made by a Referral,

1.Two.25. a ",Referral Toeslag", is the prize a Referrer receives for a Referral Purchase,

1.Two.26. an ",Affiliate Network", is a third-party webstek that permits any person (with or without a HashFlare Account) to receive financial prizes for HashFlare Contracts purchased by referred Customers.

1.Three. Thesis Terms apply to any mining you undertake by using the Service and Webstek and they form a legal agreement inbetween you and HF on the acceptance of you application for an Account (spil set out below).

1.Four. If there is everzwijn a conflict inbetween thesis terms of service and the HF terms of use or the instructions, guidance and similar information found on the Webstek, thesis terms of service will take priority.


1.6. By applying to register spil a Miner you are confirming that you understand and accept (and are able to understand and accept) thesis terms of service and that you agree that you will be tied by them. You should regularly check the Webstek for switches to the terms of service, instructions, guidance and similar information found on the Webstek.

1.7. You may only apply to register spil a Miner if:

1.7.1. you are Legitimate years old or overheen, and

1.7.Two. it is lawful for you to do so.

1.8. To register spil a Miner, wij may require you to provide us with identification or other documentation te order to help us prevent fraud or money laundering. This may include photographic identification and a latest proof of address. Wij may also undertake our own identity, fraud and credit checks.

1.9. It is prohibited for Miners to visit the Webstek or use the Service through anonymous proxies (such spil Tor) and other services or technologies that hide the real internet connection of the user.

Two.1. Deeds with Cryptocurrencies carry inherent risks. Due to the fact that Cryptocurrencies are unregulated and decentralized, their value is not insured by any legal entities. The value of any Contract, any amount of any Cryptocurrency is subject to switch by HashFlare due to a number of factors out of HashFlare’ control. Thesis factors include but are not limited to switches of mining difficulty and/or other mining parameters/properties, fluctuating price (te fiat currency to Cryptocurrency exchange rate, such spil USD/BTC) of Cryptocurrencies, obsolescence of hardware and amortization of hardware. You understand and agree that the worth of any Voeling and any amount of mined Cryptocurrency may lose all worth at any ogenblik of time due to the nature of Cryptocurrencies. You understand that you are solely responsible for management of the Cryptocurrencies te your balance spil well spil any losses or charges incurred by any third-party entity.

Two.Two. Any information related to Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency mining that is/wasgoed posted, published and/or provided by HashFlare via any channel of communication (including but not limited to: on the Webstek, ter the Panel, via the Support Service, via Email newsletter, te social media) is subject to switch.

Trio.1. You voorwaarde not mine, buy, sell, exchange, hold, own or otherwise use or exploit Cryptocurrencies te any way which is prohibited by the laws or regulations which apply to you.

Three.Two. Cryptocurrencies may not be adequate for everyone. Before mining any Cryptocurrencies you should learn about them to ensure that they are adequate for you. Like all currencies, there are disadvantages to using Cryptocurrencies. Some of the risks particular to Cryptocurrencies include:

Three.Two.1. currency fluctuation – the price of Bitcoin and/or any other Cryptocurrency may fall sharply and may even fall to zero,

Trio.Two.Two. transactions with Cryptocurrencies may be unconfirmed for a period of time. Albeit very unlikely, some Cryptocurrency transactions may never be confirmed – Cryptocurrency transactions which are unconfirmed are not finished,

Three.Two.Three. transactions with Cryptocurrencies are irreversible – if you send any amount of any Cryptocurrency to the wrong person, you may be incapable to recover those funds,

Three.Two.Four. Cryptocurrencies may be lost if you lose or leave behind any PINs or passwords necessary to access and spend those Cryptocurrencies,

Trio.Two.Five. unknown technical defects inherent ter Cryptocurrencies, and

Trio.Two.6. fresh regulation which impacts the use of Cryptocurrencies.

Three.Three. By agreeing to thesis terms of service or by mining Cryptocurrencies by using the Service, you are indicating that you understand, are capable of understanding and accept the risks associated with Cryptocurrencies.

Four.1. By applying to register, you are making an suggest to come in an agreement on thesis terms of service. Once submitted, you may not withdraw your suggest.

Four.Two. Only wij can determine whether applications will be accepted. If your application is accepted, a legal and enforceable agreement will be entered inbetween you and us. Subject to any statutory rights you may have, you may not cancel the agreement covered by thesis terms of service and you will not be eligible for any refund.


Five.1. Thesis Terms of Service are valid indefinitely, even after Account termination.

Five.Two. The Contract Term for HashFlare.io Cloud Machines is unlimited by default, unless stated otherwise. The Contract is valid while profitable, until expired or until terminated (refer to section 13), whichever comes very first.

Five.Trio. Contracts with a stated expiry date will end on the date of expiry and the Cloud Machine is stopped.

Five.Four. Pre-order Contracts that are not activated instantly on purchase will activate on the stated date.

Five.Five. The Mining process proceeds until said mining is profitable. This means the Mining process will zekering if the Maintenance and Electrical play Fees will become larger than the Payout. If mining remains unprofitable for 21 consecutive days the Service is permanently terminated (Hashrate type specific). During the consecutive 21 day period, Payouts and Fees will also be temporarily stopped. If during the suspension period, the Contract-related mining factors (such spil the exchange rate and mining difficulty) that are outside of HashFlare’s control will switch favorably, making mining profitable again, the Service will be unsuspended and contracts reactivated.

Five.6. HashFlare reserves the right to switch the launch date, Contract Term and/or Mining Term of any Contract.

6.1. To register you will need to submit some private information, a valid email address (that will be used spil Username and for user identification) for your Webstek account (",Account",), a password (",Password",). Are required to select your country of residence for adequate VAT calculation. To be able to withdraw funds you will need to inject at least one wallet for the Cryptocurrency you are mining. The Account may permit you to add more than one Cryptocurrency wallet.

6.Two. You voorwaarde ensure that all information about you that is held by us is true, accomplish, not misleading and up to date.

6.Three. The Username and Password will be allocated to you if you successfully apply for registration spil a Miner.

6.Four. You will need your Username and Password to access some parts of the Webstek. Your Username and Password are individual to you and vereiste not be disclosed to any other person.

6.Five. The number of accounts is limited to 1 for each beneficiary.

6.6. When you register, you may submit an order to administer a Cloud Machine. This order will permit you to specify the processing power of the Cloud Machine. Only HashFlare can determine whether orders will be successful and acceptance is subject to availability, amongst other things.

6.7. Your order is a request to acquire a Contract from us and does not represent a formed contract. If wij accept your order, wij will associate your Contract with your Account. Until then, an order is considered pending and HashFlare reserves the right to decline your payment.

6.8. Confirmation of your order will be made by email, which will also contain an estimated commencement date for the Contract. The confirmed commencement date of the Contract will be notified to you ter a subsequent email. Wij cannot say how long it will take to confirm the commencement date of the Contract.

6.9. Subject to the payment of any fees which may be applied, Miners will be able to receive Cryptocurrencies on the fundament of the processing power of the Cloud Machine and the period of time for which the Cloud Machine is mining. Miners will only be able to administer the Cloud Machine during the Contract Term. Those Cryptocurrencies will be transferred to your wallet upon your request, if such request is confirmed.

6.Ten. If you lose access to your Account, HashFlare may ask you to provide certain types of gegevens, including personally identifiable information, to determine ownership of the Account. This may include, but is not limited to: proof of identity, proof of residence, proof of telephone number/email ownership and any identifiable activity on the Webstek, such spil transaction IDs, order numbers, withdrawal amounts and others.

7.1. You may only mine Cryptocurrencies for your own benefit. By using the Webstek and/or the Service you confirm that you are not acting for the benefit of any other person or entity.

7.Two. Wij are entitled to assume that any use of your Account is made by you. You are solely responsible and liable for any use of the Webstek or the Service under your Account or any other use of your Username and Password.

7.Trio. You may only hold one Account. If you leave behind your Username or Password, you can use the password recovery option or voeling Support.


7.Five. If you do not loom into your Account for 12 months, wij may terminate the Account. You will be, if possible, notified ter advance. If wij are incapable to voeling you, or you do not take any act to prevent account termination, your Balance will be nullified.

8. Limitations AND OBLIGATIONS

8.1. You agree to obey with all applicable laws and regulations, thesis terms of service and all rules applicable to the use of the Webstek and the Service.

8.Two. You agree not to falsely describe or otherwise misrepresent yourself ter any dealings with HF.

8.Trio. You are not permitted to manhandle any campaigns, discounts, referral bonuses and/or referral systems, provided from time to time by HF and/or its vrouwen.

8.Four. You are not permitted to use any means to mask your internet traffic and IP address (such spil Proxy, Tor, VPN and others).

8.Five. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and/or High-Yield Investment Projects (HYIP) systems are prohibited from providing any services to their users or vrouwen based on HashFlare, including but not limited to HashFlare Products and/or Services.

8.6. You are stringently prohibited to use or exploit errors ter vormgeving of the Webstek, the Service and/or all and any of their parts, features which have not bot documented, and/or “program bugs” for commercial/individual build up or spil means to disrupt and/or destabilize the Service and/or the Webstek. If you encounter such an error by accident, you are required to report your findings to [email protected]


9.1. During the Contract Term you can use the Webstek to:

9.1.1. amend or update your registration and voeling details,

9.1.Two. with the help of customer support deactivate or reactivate your Account spil well spil terminate an active Contract,

9.1.Three. with the help of customer support switch the login email address,

9.1.Four. switch some parameters of the mining of your Cloud Machine, and

9.1.Five. switch your cryptocurrency-specific wallet addresses.

9.Two. Subject to payment and extra Fees ter advance, you can use the Webstek to:

9.Two.1. add a fresh Cloud Machine, and

9.Two.Two. increase the processing power of your Cloud Machine.

Ten.1. Your Balance ter the Panel is your private amount of funds available to use.

Ten.Two. The Service may have numerous Balances. Presently available balances are:

Ten.Two.1. BTC Balance is measured ter BTC (Bitcoins), accurate to 0.00000001 BTC (1 satoshi, the ondergrens indivisible amount of BTC),

Ten.Two.Two. ETH Balance is measured ter ETH (Ethereum), accurate to 0.00000001 ETH (Ten GWei).

Ten.Trio. Other Cryptocurrency Balances may be introduced and/or eliminated at any time.

Ten.Four. Funds mined will be transmitted directly to your Balance. This may take up to 24 hours from the date the coins are generated.

Ten.Five. Balance can be used te the following ways:

Ten.Five.1. You are able to withdraw your balance at any time if it meets the ondergrens requirement, unless stated otherwise (subject to switch).

Ten.Five.Two. You are able to purchase extra Contract(s) for the Cloud Machine(s) to increase your total Hashrate.

Ten.6. HashFlare reserves the right to make retroactive recalculations to Balance(s), Cloud Machines, Hash rate and logs, including but not limited to, te the case of any error occurring te the Service, to onberispelijk any mistakes or discrepancies.

Ten.7. Balance may be negative. Ter such case, the Balance voorwaarde become positive above the ondergrens requirement before any withdrawals and/or purchases can be made using it.

11.1. Wij provide a toneel which enables individuals to mine cryptocurrencies using our Mining Hardware. Ter terugwedstrijd, wij charge periodic maintenance and electrical play fees (",Fees",) that are devised from the usage of tens unit spil well spil the cost of maintenance of the said hardware. The maintenance costs of running the equipment include but are not limited to: hardware setup, gegevens center rent, Mining Pool testing, staff salaries, future programma and proofing, software development, exchange of used and out of order parts and other expenditures required to render the service on a best-effort onderstel. Some Contract types are not subject to periodic Fees. The presence and specification of Fees for each Contract type can always be seen on the Webstek.

11.Two. Monthly electro-therapy fees are immovable and are calculated by the following formula:

F = A * q * S * 720 h, where:

A – actual hashrate, measured te H/s,

q – power consumption (power/hashrate), measured te kW / H/s,

S – tens unit cost (average for Two previous months), measure ter USD / kWh,

720 h – hours te 1 month (accounted spil 30 days).

11.Trio. The Fees are deducted from your Balance once a day instantaneously after a Payout for all active Cloud Machines (if more than 1 are active).

11.Four. HashFlare reserves the right to switch the fees at any time without prior notice.

11.Five. Fees are non-refundable.

12.1. Wij provide and maintain the Webstek and the Service on an ",Spil IS", and ",Spil AVAILABLE", fundament and wij are liable only to provide our services with reasonable skill and care.

12.Two. Wij give no other warranty ter connection with the Webstek or the Service and wij disclaim all liability for:

12.Two.1. to the extent permitted by thesis Terms and without affecting any other clauses within Section 12, that may apply, accuracy, currency or validity of information and material contained within and/or provided by the Webstek, the Panel, the Support Service, te email newsletters and social media. You hereby agree, that no radio, pc and internet communication equipment is entirely free of fault, occasional technical disruptions may affect the service and so can human error, which may result ter misrepresentation of content or miscommunication,

12.Two.Two. any switch ter the exchange rate of Bitcoins or any other Cryptocurrency,

12.Two.Three. any switch ter the difficulty of mining,

12.Two.Four. any switches te applicable law or regulation, or the acts of any legislator or regulator ter any part of the world,

12.Two.Five. any interruptions to or error of the Webstek or the Service or other communications network,

12.Two.6. the infringement by any other person of any copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party through any User Content or use of the Webstek or the Service,

12.Two.7. the availability, quality, content or nature of Outer Sites,

12.Two.8. any amount or zuigeling of loss or harm due to viruses or other malicious software that may infect a user’s pc equipment, software, gegevens or other property caused by any other person accessing, using or downloading the Webstek, the Service or any User Content, and

12.Two.9. all representations, warranties, conditions and other terms and conditions which, but for this notice, would have effect.

12.Trio. Wij will not be liable ter any amount for failure to perform any obligation under thesis terms of service if that failure is caused by the occurrence of an event beyond our reasonable control.

12.Four. Except spil provided above there are no other warranties, conditions or other terms and conditions, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, and all of those terms and conditions are hereby excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.

12.Five. To the maximum extent permitted by law, wij exclude liability for any losses or damages which you may suffer, whether the same are suffered directly or indirectly or are instant or consequential, which fall within any of the following categories:

12.Five.1. special harm even tho’ that party wasgoed aware of the circumstances ter which such special harm could arise,

12.Five.Two. loss of anticipated savings,

12.Five.Trio. loss of business chance and management time,

12.Five.Four. loss of goodwill,

12.Five.Five. loss of Cryptocurrency arising spil a result of any of your acts or omissions of those of any third party,

12.Five.Five.1. loss arising out of or te connection with:

12.Five.Five.Two. any defect or insecurity te any systems you use to store or transmit Cryptocurrency or to access or use the Webstek or the Service ,

12.Five.Five.Three. any inaccurate or incomplete information you provide, including Cryptocurrency wallet addresses,

12.Five.Five.Four. any switches to the amount of Cryptocurrency awarded to Miners,

12.Five.Five.Five. any switches to the regulatory, legislative or technical environment applicable to Cryptocurrencies,

12.Five.Five.6. the acts or omissions of any handelsbank or provider of banking services, or

12.Five.Five.7. any switch ter the value of Cryptocurrency howsoever arising (including spil a result of the acts or omissions of HF).

12.6. To the maximum extent permitted by law, our aggregate liability ter respect of any claims made ter connection with or arising out of the use of the Webstek or the Service (whether ter contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise) for meteen losses will be limited to the Fees.

12.7. You agree not to use the Webstek or the Service te any way which:

12.7.1. is unlawful,

12.7.Two. may give rise to civil or criminal liability for HF, or

12.7.Three. may bring HF into disrepute.

12.8. You hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold us and our officers, directors, owners, agents, information providers, affiliates, licensors and licensees (collectively, the ",Indemnified Parties",) harmless from and against any and all liability and costs (including reasonable legal fees) incurred by the Indemnified Parties ter connection with any voorwaarde arising out of:

12.8.1. any fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation you commit,

12.8.Two. any inaccuracy or defect of any of the information you have provided to us,

12.8.Three. any breach of applicable law or regulation you commit,

12.8.Four. any other person’s use of your Account,

12.8.Five. any breach by you of thesis terms of service, and

12.8.6. third party claims arising from your use of the Webstek or the Service, any of Your Content or any use of your Account (whether or not such use wasgoed by you).

12.9. You shall cooperate with us te the defense of any voorwaarde. Wij reserve the right, at our own expense, to assume the special defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you.


13.1. Without limiting any other rights wij have, wij may suspend or terminate access to your Account, the Webstek and/or the Service, nullify your Account Balance and/or hold the capability to withdraw mined funds if you breach any of thesis Terms of Service.

13.Two. If wij have grounds to suspect that you are using the Webstek or the Service fraudulently or improperly, wij will suspend your Account until you are able to demonstrate to our satisfaction:

13.Two.1. your identity, and

13.Two.Two. that no fraud or impropriety has occurred or bot attempted.

13.Three. Wij will attempt to give you reasonable notice of any anticipated termination of the Webstek or the Service.

13.Four. If you become aware of or suspect another user or Miner’s breach of thesis terms of service, or any fraud or impropriety by another user, you vereiste voeling us instantly.

13.Five. Te case of any Credit Card purchase (refer to section 14.Two.6.) HashFlare has the right to place the Customer’s Account on Hold (hold the capability to withdraw any mined funds from the Customer’s Account Balance) for a period of up to 30 days spil a security measure of anti-fraud related regulations and policies.


14.1. All invoices are issued te USD (United States dollar) by default. Payments performed te any other currency vereiste account for the exchange rate of said currency to USD at the uur of invoice generation and any commissions for currency exchange.

14.Two. A Customer is able to purchase a Contract using a diversity of payment methods:

14.Two.1. te Bitcoin via a Balance Purchase: purchase of hashrate using the Account Balance directly, automatic version of Balance purchase is also referred to spil ",Reinvest", or",Reinvestment",,

14.Two.Two. ter Bitcoin via a Bitcoin Transfer: transfer of BTC to HashFlare BTC account via CryptoPay payment system, the amount to pay depends on: sum of the order te USD, the USD/BTC exchange rate at the ogenblik of the purchase and the transfer toverfee of the Bitcoin network (third-party terms and payment commission may apply),

14.Two.Trio. ter WebMoney currencies via WebMoney Transfer: transfer of fiat funds to HashFlare WebMoney account via the WebMoney Service (third-party terms and payment commission may apply),

14.Two.Four. ter fiat currencies via a Payeer Transfer: transfer of fiat funds to HashFlare Payeer account via Payeer payment system (third-party terms and payment commission may apply),

14.Two.Five. ter fiat currencies via a Canap Transfer: transfer of fiat funds to HashFlare canap account via a Handelsbank/Wire Transfer (Ten USD commission applied to orders under 50 USD),

14.Two.6. te fiat currencies via a Credit Card Transfer: transfer of fiat funds to HashFlare via UniversePay payment gateway (third-party terms and payment commission may apply).

14.Trio. A Customer has the right not to pay for the order te case the order has bot created but not yet paid, if the Customer determines not to finish the order. The order will switch status to “Timeout” after a given period of time (dependent on the payment method) and the Customer will not be obliged to proceed with the order. HashFlare will not process requests to cancel unpaid orders, spil it is intended the unpaid orders stay te “Timeout” status.

14.Four. HashFlare provides the destination account for all payment methods (except Balance and Reinvest purchases). Te order to confirm the purchase and activate the Contract, the Customer is required to transfer the amount stated on the HashFlare invoice pagina (for Wire transfers) or on the third-party payment pagina (all payment methods with third-party processing systems).

14.Five. A Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of payment, including but not limited to: the destination account, transferable amount and payment details:

14.Five.1. If the transferred amount is below requested, HF reserves the right, at its foot discretion, to adjust the Contract accordingly to received funds or request the missing amount to be paid, before activating the Contract.

14.Five.Two. If the transferred amount is above requested, HF reserves the right, at its foot discretion, to adjust the Contract accordingly to received funds, add the excessive amount to Customer’s Account Balance or terugwedstrijd the excessive amount through the payment system the Customer has used to pay for the order originally.

14.Five.Trio. If the Customer initiates the payment with incorrect/insufficient details and/or to the wrong destination account, HashFlare will attempt, if possible, to process the order ter a timely matter. If the destination address does not belong to HashFlare (directly or via a third-party service) and/or is not related to HashFlare te any way, HashFlare will not be held responsible and will decline any claims.

14.Five.Four. HashFlare is not obliged to proactively resolve payment related issues without a voorwaarde submitted by the Customer.

14.6. Ter case of payment related issues a rechtsvordering vereiste be raised:

14.6.1. A Customer has the right to raise a payment related keuze/dispute by contacting support within 14 days from the creation of payment with proof of payment. Requests submitted after 14 days may not be processed.

14.6.Two. HashFlare reserves the right to request proof of payment, if there are suspicions or facts the payment wasgoed not received but the Contract wasgoed activated. The Customer is obliged to provide proof of payment within 14 days of reception of such request.

14.6.Trio. Proof of payment includes but is not limited to: HashFlare order number, unique transaction ID or number, destination account, transferred amount, account statement from the payment system used.

14.6.Four. Credit Card purchases may require proof of ownership of the payment method and an identification request.

14.6.Five. If proof of payment is not provided within 14 days or provided proof is deemed insufficient and/or invalid:

14.6.Five.1. if the eis wasgoed initiated by a Customer: HashFlare reserves the right to decline Customer’s voorkoop(s),

14.6.Five.Two. if the voorkeur wasgoed initiated by HashFlare: HashFlare reserves the right to adjust/cancel related Contracts and adjust Customer’s Account Balance by amounts mined by related Contract.

14.7. HashFlare reserves the right to switch and/or switch any purchased Contract’s Hashrate type and amount at any time. The switch of Contract Hashrate type will account for the current market price and HashFlare will attempt, if possible, not to reduce the total value of the Contract being switched. This means, te the event of coerced hashrate type switch (such spil SHA-256 to Scrypt) HashFlare will attempt, if possible, to provide the substitution Contract of equal or greater total value than that of the initial Contract, according to the market price at the uur of switch.

14.8. Unless otherwise provided by law or by a particular suggest, all purchases are final and non-refundable. HF reserves the right to kwestie refunds at HF’s foot discretion. If wij kwestie a refund, wij are under no obligation to kwestie the same or similar refund te the future. This refund policy does not affect any statutory rights that may apply.

14.9. Te the case of a refund:

14.9.1. Customer will receive a reimbursement of spent funds to begin the service, unless any funds were withdrawn from Customer’s Account Balance. If any amount wasgoed successfully withdrawn from the Account Balance, no refund requests will be processed on said Account.

14.9.Two. HashFlare has the right to nullify or deduct any Hashrate and/or funds mined by the Hashrate of the refunded purchase from the Customer’s Account Balance spil well spil any funds provided spil a Referral Verzekeringspremie for the refunded purchase from the Referrer’s Account Balance.

14.9.Three. HashFlare is not obliged to reimburse any funds spent for the Maintenance and Electro-stimulation Fees.

14.Ten. Te the case of any terugwedstrijd of overpaid funds or refund, HashFlare may charge a processing toverfee, dependent on the payment system used. The amount of the processing toverfee is subject to switch:

14.Ten.1. Bitcoin transfer: 0.005 BTC,

14.Ten.Two. WebMoney: Ten USD,

14.Ten.Four. Payeer Transfer: Ten USD,

14.Ten.Five. Canap Transfer: 50 USD,

14.Ten.6. Credit Card: 25 USD.

15.1. The Referral Program permits registered Customers to receive financial prizes for purchases made by other Customers that they have referred (invited) to HashFlare. The Referral Program information is available at https://hashflare.io/vrouwen.

15.Two. Every Customer receives a non-editable default Referral Code at registration. The Customer can create an unlimited amount of extra Referral Codes, by adding a suffix to their default Referral Code. Finding, creating and managing Referral Codes and Referral Linksom is available te the Referrals spijskaart ter the Instrumentenbord.

15.Trio. Referral Linksom can be te Three forms:

15.Trio.1. Verbinding to the registration pagina: https://hashflare.io/r/XXXXXX, where XXXXXX is the Referral Code.

15.Trio.Two. Listig to any non-Dashboard pagina of HashFlare: https://hashflare.io/YYYYYY?ref_id=XXXXXX, where YYYYYY is the pagina verbinding (such spil ",how-it-works",, ",what-is-bitcoin", or any other, can also be empty to lead to the vuurlijn pagina) and XXXXXX is the Referral Code.

15.Three.Three. Linksom to HashFlare subdomains (such spil http://promo.hashflare.eu) are used ter the following format:

15.Four. Customers are permitted to advertize, postbode and/or publish materials with their Referral Verbinding(s) on third-party websites or resources for the purpose of acquiring fresh Referrals.

15.Five. HashFlare is not responsible for the accuracy and/or validity of information ter any advertisements, posts and/or publications about HashFlare created by Customers on any third-party websites or resources, with a Referral Listig or without.

15.6. Te order for a Customer to become a Referrer to a fresh Customer, the latter voorwaarde visit HashFlare via the very first Customer’s Referral Verbinding and create an eligible Account within 24 hours after the very first visit and within the same browser session (switching browsers, clearing browser cache or permitting more than 24 hours to pass inbetween the very first visit and the uur of registration invalidates the Referral Code saved ter the browser session). If the Referral Code is invalidated by any of thesis occurring, the potential Referral vereiste visit HashFlare with via a Referral Listig again.

15.7. The default Referral Toeslag percentage for any Referral Code created te HashFlare automatically or by hand is 10%, except Reinvest and Balance Purchases. HashFlare may increase the percentage for webmasters and/or users with a high amount of Referrals and/or Referred Purchases.

15.8. If a Customer has visited HashFlare by a verbinding from an Affiliate Network and made a Purchase within 7 days, HashFlare grants the premie only to the Affiliate Network that treats the earnings on its own terms. This is valid even if the Customer has a Referrer.

15.9. Registering an Account after visiting HashFlare by a verbinding from an Affiliate Network will result ter the verzekeringspremie for all Purchases made by the Customer for up to 30 days to be processed to the Affiliate Network. This is valid even if the Account is registered via a HashFlare Referral Verbinding.

15.Ten. HashFlare is not obliged to verbinding Two Accounts into the Referrer-Referral relation ter case the fresh Account wasgoed registered without a Referral Listig te error and/or add any Referral Bonuses for past purchases retroactively.

15.11. It is rigorously barred to create extra Accounts for the purpose of manhandling the Referral Program and/or third-party Affiliate Network(s), i.e. registering fresh Accounts via Customer’s own Referral Listig(s) and making purchases to receive Referral Premie for said purchases for the same Beneficiary. If HashFlare has any suspicion of a breach, HashFlare reserves the right to request proof of identity and/or absence of manhandle for both the Referrer’s and Referral’s Accounts. If proof is not provided within 7 days or provided proof is deemed insufficient and/or invalid, HashFlare may terminate all related Accounts, cancel any Contracts and/or nullify the Accounts’ Balances without the right of redemption or restoration.

15.12. HashFlare may adjust and/or eliminate any Referral Code, its Referral Premie percentage and any received Referral Verzekeringspremie.

15.13. It is stringently barred to use the following types of traffic:

15.13.1. Doorway pages,

15.13.Four. Contextual advertising of HashFlare brand.

15.14. HashFlare reserves the right to terminate any Account’s access to the Referral Program or any Account’s capability to participate te the Referral Program at any time and for any reason.

16.1. The Webstek may enable the display of third party content (",User Content",).

16.Two. Albeit wij are not obliged to do so, wij may liquidate or reject any User Content.

16.Three. You agree that wij may process and store any content you submit to the Webstek (",Your Content",).

16.Four. You may be able to send Your Content to other Miners of the Webstek, and other Miners of the Webstek may be able to send User Content to you.

16.Five. You agree to the distribution of Your Content by us both internally and externally. Therefore, you should ensure that Your Content does not contain information, which you intend to keep confidential or private.

16.6. By making available, posting or transmitting Your Content to the Webstek, you are granting us a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual worldwide license to use and exploit Your Content for any purpose.

16.7. You agree that you are entitled to make available, postbode or transmit Your Content to the Webstek.

16.8. You will not make available, postbode or transmit to the Webstek any statement, material or other content, strafgevangenis use the Webstek te any way, that:

16.8.1. is unlawful or may give rise to civil or criminal liability,

16.8.Two. infringes any copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party,

16.8.Three. infringes any third party’s rights of privacy or rights of publicity,

16.8.Four. includes any pc virus or other malicious software,

16.8.Five. is abusive, pornographic, defamatory, discriminatory or obscene,

16.8.6. harasses any other person,

16.8.7. interferes with another user’s use and enjoyment of the Webstek,

16.8.8. impersonates any moderator, administrator or any staff or any other person connected with HF,

16.8.9. contains the confidential information of any other person,

16.8.Ten. solicits passwords or individual information,

16.8.11. contains movie, photographs, or photos of any other person without his or hier permission (or ter the case of a minor, the minor’s legal guardian),

16.8.12. exploits any other person,

16.8.13. wij consider inappropriate, or

16.8.14. encourages or provokes any other person to do any of the acts listed above.

16.9. The Webstek may provide means by which you can communicate with us. Wij will communicate with you at the email address you have provided or through other means of communication that may be provided by the Webstek. Notices that are applicable to all our Miners shall be made available on the Webstek publicly. You will be deemed to have received a notice at the time the email is sent or the time the notice is posted on the Webstek. Wij will be deemed to have received a notice when wij kwestie a confirmation to you.

16.Ten. All emails (or other messages) wij send are intended for the addressee only.

17.1. Thesis terms of service are subject to your statutory and common law consumer rights and will not limit any rights you might have that cannot be excluded under applicable law. Thesis terms of service will not exclude or limit our liability for death or individual injury resulting from our negligence strafgevangenis any fraudulent acts or representations or for any statutory liability not capable of limitation.

17.Two. Wij may deduct any monies you owe us from any monies wij owe you.

17.Three. Thesis terms of service, together with the terms of use, privacy policy and any instructions, guidance and similar information found on the Webstek (from time to time), constitute the entire agreement inbetween you and HF relating to your use of the Webstek and the Service and mining through the Webstek or the Service, to the exclusion of any other terms.

17.Four. Our failure to enforce any term does not constitute our waiver of that term.

17.Five. If any part of thesis Terms is found to be unenforceable, it will be amended to the ondergrens extent necessary to make it enforceable and the remainder of the provisions will remain te utter force and effect.

17.6. No representation or warranty is made spil to whether the Webstek or the Service conforms with the laws of any jurisdiction other than the Republic of Estonia.

17.7. The parties submit to the off the hook jurisdiction of the Estonian courts. Thesis terms of service are subject to and interpreted ter accordance with the laws of Republic of Estonia, provided that thesis terms of service shall not be interpreted spil conferring any statutory EU consumer protection laws, including any rights of withdrawal or cancellation under implementations of Directive 2011/83/EU on consumer rights, on any individual not ordinarily a resident of an EU Member State.

17.8. This Webstek the Panel are introduced ter numerous languages. Te the case of a conflict inbetween translations, the English version will prevail.

17.9. HF will be entitled to assign and otherwise transfer the agreement covered by thesis terms of service by providing you reasonable notice, which may include notice given via the Webstek.

17.Ten. All questions, comments or complaints should be directed to us via Customer Support and wij will attempt to react to within 48 hours.

44/46 Morningside road, Suite Three, Edinburgh, EH10 4BF, Scotland, United Kingdom

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